Friday, March 13, 2009

Who Has the Golden Ticket?

The Office: Golden Ticket
Season 5, Episode 17

Oh, does Michael Scott throw people under a bus or what? In another dick move, we see how a careless marketing promotion can go haywire, but turn to gold. Kevin's storyline to find love starts to pick up speed as this Thursday's Office takes us past the mid-way point of the season.

In a move to improve customer satisifaction, Michael plays the role of Willy Wonka and puts five golden tickets in five reams of paper. When Jim is called by a large account, it is found that Michael put all five tickets in the large order for this account. The privilege of getting this ticket is ten percent off their order. Being it is their largest account, they would be taking a substantial loss as well as Jim losing his commission.

When corporate is called, Michael panics and blames Dwight for the marketing mistake. Michael tries to convince Dwight to take the hit, as he doesn't need the job and convinces him that his manhood would be more in tact without a job at a paper company.

When David from corporate comes, Dwight does admit it is his idea. David the informs the office that the account that got the tickets was so happy, that they decided to make their entire company Dunder Mifflin parchment exclusive. I have to say, I called this situation from the get go. The writers have been making the sales department in the Scranton branch untouchable and I don't think that will change until the season finale, or the episode or two leading up to it.

Still taking credit for the tickets, Dwight and David get on a confrence call with the marketing department. With Michael listening in he storms the call confessing the cover up and looking for all the kudos and none of the blame. In a back in forth argument, David throws his arms up and wipes his hands of the fiasco he just witnessed.

Our subplot has Kevin trying to figure out how to make the first move on his new romantic interest. Getting advice from Andy, which is in the vein of being a dick-y frat boy, he is jaded when Pam and Jim listen in and give their two cents. After multiple advice sessions, Kevin just goes for the kill and expresses his feelings. He asks her on a date and she accepts. In typical Kevin fashion he says an off subject comment, which appears to go over smoothly. Should be fun the rest of the season to see how this love story evolves. I think it may be funny if he gets married and ends up having an "Office Band" play his wedding.

So where does this leave us? Michael is still getting away with murder, the sales numbers keep getting higher and higher, and Pam and Jim still have set nothing on a wedding date. Odds are these things MUST change before season five concludes. I'm putting money that we see Michael Scott's departure and Ryan making his triumph return.

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