Tuesday, March 10, 2009

0 For 2 With Blondes?

How I Met Your Mother: Sorry, Bro
Season 4, Episode 16

Another blond to add to Ted's resume, another woman to NOT be his wife. Last night's HIMYM was a story of Marshall's pants problem, as well as his and Lily's hatred for an ex girlfriend of Ted's who comes to NYC to live. After my rant about the show skewing away from Ted as the focal point of writing, I am glad to see the writers return to their roots in this episode.

In the cold opening, we learn of Robin's new work schedule. Instead of meeting for drinks at normal times, she wakes up to visit with the group as the bar is closing. Barney is excited to tell a story about Marshall who apparently forgot his pants when he went to the gym. More on that through the episode.

We then learn that Ted's ex from college, Karen, has come to live in the city, much to the distaste of Marshall and Lily. We are told about the constant breaking up and rehashing of their relationship that always starts with her having sex with a stranger in Ted's dorm.

We learn that Ted has already met with her for lunch, and has hooked up with her..........numerous times.

After going through a few flashbacks of them getting ready to have sex, which are actually funny thanks to roommate Robin taking sleeping pills for her new schedule. We find out that Ted wants to end it with Karen. They are having sex in her apartment and mid coitus Karen's boyfriend walks in.

Ted tells the group he ends it with Karen, until he slips on saying what happened to her and her boyfriend. The end of the show is Karen walking into the bar and we learn that her and Ted are official, again much to the dismay of Marshall and Lily.

Back to the pants. In a rush Marshall gets Lily to bring him a pair. In a rush, Lily runs into Barney and asks him to get them to Marshall. In a typical Barney move, he cuts up the pants and leaves Marshall looking like an 80's basketball player dressed like an attorney(get the mental image in your head! There you go!). This episode leaves us to believe that the bank Marshall and Barney work at is basically filled with frat dicks that are stuck being 19-year-old douches. Will the writers roll with that? Probably.

'Sorry Bro' finally got us back to the focal point of what the shows premise is about. It got us back to what is good about the show, a group of 30 somethings hanging out at a bar telling stories of the craziness that is their lives. I can't really tell how far the Karen angle will go. I don't know why, but I can see Barney sleeping with her.


Anonymous said...

Do you even watch this show? The guys working at the bank have been frat boys since the beginning! The writer have been "rolling with" this idea for about a year now. Also, not every episode takes place in the bar. Many, many great episodes of the show, including The Sweet Taste of Liberty and the Duel from first season, and Monday Night Football from season two were all just about their adventures, not them sitting around talking about them.

Jim said...

Why so worried about focusing on meeting the mother? I understand Ted's romantic life is the point of the story so it should be addressed, but let's not pretend that he's not just the third of fourth most interesting character on the show. The more Marshall/Lily/Barney related diversions the better. Also, yes, please remember its Lily, not Lilly.

Billy said...

Do honestly think Barney will sleep with Karen after the Robin debacle? Seriously? It's not going to happen. Barney's a dick, but after losing Ted's friendship the last time I really doubt it will happen again. Also got to back up anonymous there, some of the great episodes didn't involve stories being told at the bar: Swarley, Ted Mosby:Architect, Arrivederchi, Fierro and I'm Not That Guy all have significant portions that don't involve the bar and are all some of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry poster Garrett, but you must have only watched clips off the CBS website prior to writing this lackluster review. Ted is 0 for the century when it comes to women - hence the entire premise of this program - regardless of hair color. Victoria was a brunette - just as Robin is - so there is no need to compare stats. As for your insights into Marshall's pants plot, let's just say there is no fresh prospective there either. You didn't even hit on one of the funniest parts of the episode - returning items to an ex! I would suggest getting your thoughts together next time before dropping an elongated TV guide summary.

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