Tuesday, March 17, 2009


How I Met Your Mother: The Front Porch
Season 3, Episode 17

Ted thinks he has found true love until she breaks up with him. An earring in a wrong place gives Ted the opportunity to see where his love has gone wrong. Unfortunately, he learns that it's not something, but someone who has caused Ted's bad luck. The Front Porch is a fun romp into men's bedroom fashion and what it means to be a true friend.

I have to believe that the HIMYM writers are seeing a trend of not explaining Ted's horrible bad luck with the ladies. They turn it pretty swiftly by using Lily as the culprit to Ted's demise. I find it interesting that every time Ted wants to make a poignant exclamation of frustration they ease the tension by making Barney or Marshall do something outlandishly funny.

Speaking of that, I almost fell in love with a night shirt(until my girlfriend said she would kill me if I wore one). Who would of thought that the garb one wears to bed could let you have a flying dream sequence like Jeffery Lebowski. I was a little creeped out though that Marshall and Barney snuggled up with each other.

The background of this episodes title has to do with Lily's fantsy of having the perfect retirement. Relaxing on a front porch playing bridge with their best friends. Lily has broken off Ted's relationships due to the fact that every time she pictures her perfect conclusion to life, she cannot see the women Ted are with as the fourth in their bridge party. I thought this was a funny section to our story in the explination of how to play bridge. No right minded 20 or 30 something has any clue how to play bridge, hence what we get from Lily when she is telling her story of their card parties.

Our ending was a minor cliffhanger as Robin and Ted begin to ponder what could have been. We know that the Robin and Ted romance is not to be, but you have to think that the writers may make the relationship come again before season 4 concludes. While making our way to the wrap up of the season, we still have not seen the Goat episode. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that will probably be our season finale.

Good story. The greatest laughs occur in the background seeing Robin dealing with the insanity that happened during her four in the morning television show.


Anonymous said...

Umm, spoilers ahead of the jump! Also, check your spelling and I don't think your last line even makes sense.

I'm not sure what about the ending made you think it was a cliffhanger? They agreed to be back-ups ... and we already know that doesn't happen.

Anyone else watching the "How to hide the pregnant bellies" game? The bathrobe was pretty good, as well as never showing Lily in other scenes except seated or behind a counter. The game will be switching to Robin soon too!

Garrett said...

Yeah that is pretty good stuff. I am surprised how much she was just THERE in this episode, just pulling her bathrobe with her hands can do wonders on the camera I guess.

Billy said...
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Billy said...

The season's filming will probably be done before Cobie Smulders(Robin) starts showing. If they get lucky she'll have already had the kid before the new season begins.

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