Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barney Mamma Drama

How I Met Your Mother: The Stinsons
Season 4 Episode 15

After a two week hiatus, "How I Met Your Mother" returned with another Barney-centric episode. We are teased with a future return to a Barney-Robin love tiff. Though I laughed a little, I just keep wondering, WHO IS TED'S WIFE!!!

In an interesting twist, the gang follows Barney thinking he has a secret girlfriend. After a long cab ride, the group comes to where Barney is going to then find it is actually Barney's mother. A woman then appears who is then told to be his wife. A kid appears as well and Barney tells them it is his son.

When his mother leaves the room, we are told that it is just an act, that Barney is trying to appease his mother's dying wish (made several years earlier) that he finds a family. There are a few jokes about trying to hide the fact that the situation is all a lie from his mom. Nothing that I truly enjoyed, and very off from the atypical Barney jokes we expect.

The side joke of Robin and Barney's fake son
both dealing with crummy jobs was humorous and oh so creepy. I didn't really laugh at Lily and Marshall dealing with his mother not liking her, as my mother is in love with my girlfriend.

I still have no clue how much longer they can keep up the ongoing idea of Bob Saget telling the long and convoluted story of how he met his children's mother. If this season is any indication, be prepared for a Barney spin-off in 2011.

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Billy said...

I still think the show is great. It's lasted four seasons and I don't care at all how long they drag the story on, I couldn't care less when we get to find out who the wife is.

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