Friday, March 27, 2009

Can Paper Be A Future?

The Office: Two Weeks
Season 5 Episode 20
Here we go. The episode five years in the making. I almost feel so much joy I don't even know where to go. Can someone say "VICTORY"? The tides have now changed at our favorite Scranton workplace. The question is, who will take the reigns?

Michael has put in his two weeks notice and will be leaving Dunder Mifflin. As per usual, Scott is shown in a totally unreal situation by drinking Scotch and doing basically nothing. I cannot see any place that would let some one get away with this behavior with a two weeks resignation. SIGH, I guess I'll just get through this episode and the pain will be gone of seeing Michael Scott.

When reality finally hits him, Michael realizes he probably has no chance of finding another decent paying job. This of course is due to our economy(another rant, another time). Michael's bright idea, make his own paper company. Still on the job, he tries to recruit those from the branch to join him on his new venture. Naturally, no one chooses to go with him. He tries to make his own letterhead for the to be formed Michael Scott Paper Company, which is found by Charles. This leads to his termination short of his two weeks.

I don't know if my two outstandingly witty readers realize, but the concept of companies relying on paper is a dying commodity. I just recently was accepted to another college and this will make the third that does all their tracking of students paperless. I am even certain that you get a tax break for filing your taxes online.

Michael trying to create any company on his own could work,right? I don't think so. Even with Pam making a Jerry Mcguire esque maneuver to leave with him in an attempt to start the Michael Scott Paper Company will soon lead to the end of Michael Scott. I do like that the writers paired Pam with Michael. The two together on the Lecture Circuit two parter was one of few times I enjoyed Steve Carrell this season.

Going to the Pam situation. I can't help think that our romantic duo of Pam and Jim will hit a rocky path. Either they will struggle fiancially, or the new boss, Charles, will think Jim has a conflict of interest. Something about the way Charles has treated Jim so far makes me feel like there is going to be something going down with them before the season concludes.

Two Weeks made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The way those three year old candies your grandmother gives you where you can only get two thirds of the wrapper off it does. You WANT to feel hope that Pam and Michael will succeed. But if the writers want to stay true to what is happening in our country, they can't.

Now to my last sentance of the opening. Where do they go with a new office manager. Obviously they are hiring from outside the building. So expect a new cast member to arrive. Do the writers want someone as outlandish as Michael Scott, or do we finally let Dwight shine? I will leave this question for my clever contributors to decide.

This review will be off next week, as the show is off next week. I will be back in two weeks for a two part review. If anyone saw the teaser after Thursday episode, OH SHOCKING, Ryan back with a different look.


Anonymous said...

i agree with the new cast member idea...maybe Charles will find someone who is normal @ first then goes all crazy later???

Robert said...

Like you, I cannot wait for the end of Michael Scott, though I do not have high hopes. The Pam thing could turn out interesting as well.

However, though the content here is interesting, these posts still suffer from a severe lack of BEING ABLE TO READ THEM! Punctuation, what's that? Things are definitely "due" to the economy, not "do" and you don't get a tax break from filing online unless you count the stamp you didn't use. Actually, I think there are fees if you make too much money, you pay fees.

I would suggest you read your posts out loud, because really, you string words together and sometimes, they just don't make sense. Really, try it.

Garrett said...

Thanks for the feedback, Robert. I do appreciate the feedback. And thank you for putting a name to yourself. Keep reading, and don't forget the TAW Podcast next week.

Garrett said...

Also, Robert(or anyone else), be sure to give feedback to our other writers as well. I know Jim and Billy appreciate pats on the back.

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