Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 9:00P.M.-10:00P.M.
Season 7, Episode 14

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

(09:49:50) Jim: speaking of 24, am I the only one that saw some storytelling light when the Senator encouraged Jack to have faith in the system... only to have it blown away in the most prompt manner possible?
(10:07:00) Billy: It's one of the laws television thermodynamics: If a character, previously repugnant to viewers, becomes likeable, they will die. (10:07:30) Billy: See: every dead character on Lost
(10:09:17) Jim: how many characters like that has 24 actually let survive? (10:09:18) Jim: Tony? (10:09:25) Jim: and they did kill him the once
(10:09:35) Billy: But, yes, the writers were finally able to make Jack a sympathetic character last night.
(10:10:09) Jim: yeah, by letting him climb off his high horse of "Torture Rulez!"
(10:10:42) Billy: Though they did make the FBI stupider somehow.
(10:10:50) Jim: how any of them thought Jack saying Fuck you it's necessary for 14 hours wouldn't get old is beyond me
(10:11:30) Billy: Tell me, why would Jack shoot someone at the front door and then shoot up the rest of the house AND smash through the back door glass? (10:11:52) Billy: Now, I'm not a forensic scientist...but that shit don't add up...
(10:12:19) Jim: yeah, they need to hire the mentalist for a cross over (10:12:27) Jim: get their shit in line
(10:12:39) Billy: Agreed, (10:13:31) Billy: Aside from that, and Senator Red Foreman quit literally biting the bullet right after he became likable, I thought this was a decent episode.
(10:13:43) Jim: and I just love the Bond-ian aspect of the hero only knows where to go/what to do next because a villain tried to kill him and was defeated. (10:14:00) Jim: I'm sure glad they didn't just ignore Jack this hour (10:14:07) Jim: now he's all up in their shit (10:14:51) Jim: at the very least you should make sure the guy tasked with killing the unstoppable super-agent doesn't know the next step of your nefarious plot (10:15:03) Jim: that's just common sense, people!
(10:15:27) Billy: Decent episode, not great. I like that the villains are fully aware of Jack, something tells me that they are going to have quite a reveal involving Jack later. I only pray it's not "We've kidnapped your daughter!"
(10:15:58) Jim: well it is one of the few plots not revisited yet this season... (10:16:22) Jim: Is Elisha Cuthbert definitely coming back?
(10:16:32) Billy: Spoiler alert! (10:16:37) Billy: I think so. (10:17:24) Billy: Actually, screw that spoiler alert, I have no proof. Six months ago a shitty website I visit that puts spoilers above the jump, said she was coming back. (10:17:39) Billy: I didn't read any further. (10:17:46) Billy: so I know none of the details.
(10:18:26) Jim: yeah, I haven't heard any more than that in about as long, but it certainly isn't outside the realm of possibilities that we'll have another showdown at the port (10:18:41) Jim: Drazen Style
(10:18:43) Billy: Oh jeez... (10:18:57) Billy: ha ha, never thought about that (10:19:21) Billy: So, I officially hate the white house shenanigans. (10:20:19) Billy: I couldn't care less about the first daughter completely turning character and becoming a total bitch. Aside from hating her.
(10:20:26) Jim: Yeah, He said, she said is so old... it's only a matter of time before the First Daughter and Chief of Staff have angry sex (10:20:42) Jim: she was definitely into older men, RE: Aaron
(10:21:33) Billy: Oh, come on, I totally just ate breakfast.
(10:21:48) Jim: well that's what you get for getting up so late
(10:22:34) Billy: Well, I need my required 8 hours, man. I stayed up late watching MI-5 and wondering why 24 couldn't be as good... (10:23:06) Billy: Which is strange since MI-5 started as a very lame 24 rip off...
(10:23:07) Jim: Well, for one they aren't afraid to write out the main character
(10:24:05) Billy: Can I just say I loved the ending of last night's episode? (10:25:34) Billy: Ignoring for a moment that there is no way Jack could have gotten that construction machine turned on and moving without alerting the killer... (10:25:57) Billy: it was still super cool and pretty funny when he knocked the building over.
(10:26:29) Jim: but dude, it was a nice fight
(10:26:35) Billy: Great fight. (10:26:56) Billy: The only issue I had with it was Jack purposefully killing the guy
(10:27:19) Jim: although I quickly lost track of where the guy went, maybe I blinked during a shot, but if not it did add a bit more tension to the entire scene (10:27:33) Jim: the guy guilty of the crimes he's accused of? yeah! (10:28:03) Jim: especially without checking to see if he still has any of that nerve agent on him
(10:29:15) Billy: So when Moss was talking about how Jack supposedly killed Ryan Burnett, I was totally thinking to myself "dude, Jack has killed SO MANY people in the last seven years, do you really think that he needs to kill a material witness to get his jollies? Use your gourd, man"
(10:31:06) Jim: or Senator Mayer... because nothing says I'm innocent like murdering the person accusing you... and shooting up the house some more.... and jumping out the rear patio door because.... um... it was locked?
(10:31:52) Billy: Right. (10:32:52) Billy: I also kept thinking that if we had CTU instead of FBI, they would have put a tracker on Renee so that she could eventually lead to Bauer.
(10:33:08) Jim: and since when does the law allow a Shoot to Kill order on a murder suspect? (10:33:45) Jim: I thought you were still at least supposed to try to catch him... what with having no physical evidence connecting him to one of the crimes
(10:34:28) Billy: Well, a senator was murdered, it was the heat of the moment...I can forgive Moss for being a little overzealous.
(10:34:59) Jim: but still, it's basically a request to bring him Jack's head on a plate... that's too over the line
(10:35:06) Billy: Now, I am youtubing Heat of the Moment. (10:37:26) Billy: Aside from my gripes, it was still an improvement over much of the season. I'm not getting excited for the rest of the season based on one episode. But it was nice to not gripe the entire night about it sucking.
(10:37:54) Jim: Yeah, there were big pluses in the conversation with Mayer and the final fight
(10:37:54) Billy: A decent 24 + no new Heroes = a good night for Billy.
(10:38:12) Jim: + a superb HIMYM + another fun episode of Castle (10:38:16) Jim: = good times all around

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