Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 8:00P.M.-9:00P.M.
Season 7, Episode 13

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

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(09:55:34) Jim: And so we lay to rest the guy who used to boink Michelle, turned Karen Hayes into a more tolerant pain in the ass and generally was one of the less shitty elements of the last two seasons
(09:56:15) Billy: Well, before I lament the death of my namesake and potential BFF... (09:56:25) Billy: I have to bitch about Comcast. (09:57:27) Billy: Their DVR service, which we pay for, does not work half the Goddamn time. It didn't record Redemption. It didn't record Lost last week and it didn't record 24 this week. (09:58:13) Billy: So, screw you comcast for ruining my 24 viewing. (09:58:16) Billy: End Rant. (09:58:53) Billy: They turned Bill into the Libby(see:Lost) of this show. (09:59:18) Billy: What happened to Karen...seriously. (10:00:01) Billy: There were far too many questions left open with his death, of course it could mean that Karen will return to mourn him, but I doubt that will happen.
(10:00:06) Jim: At least he went out like a champ... although I find fault in his reasoning that nobody except Jack could uncover the next level of the conspiracy
(10:00:25) Billy: Right. (10:01:08) Billy: Aaron Pierce did NOT die, though the "I'll be back on my feet in a couple of hours." line was ominous (10:01:14) Billy: and a little cheesy.
(10:01:26) Jim: indeed. (10:01:41) Jim: dude you are shot, it's nearly 9 PM, maybe call it a night
(10:02:40) Billy: Vice President Heywood Jablowme was completely worthless. Except to yell at Moss for breaking rules right before he busts Jacks ass for breaking rules. (10:04:19) Billy: So, the White House crisis is over. And I can't help but think that the whole three episode plot was a waste of time. (10:05:14) Billy: If that were the first half of the season plot, forget Dubaku...it might have worked, but as a secondary small plot, it's just too BIG for me to buy it actually happening.
(10:06:00) Jim: A question, considering Moss breaks the rules one minute and effectively fired Renee the next for the exact same thing... methinks jealousy is the issue? (10:07:16) Jim: the White House plot was a waste of time... there was no reason for Juma to be in this country... and the entire thing came off as outlandish and further disconnected the show from anything even resembling credibility with the real world
(10:07:33) Billy: Exactly. (10:07:44) Billy: Plus it was responsible for Bill dying!
(10:08:01) Jim: there was absolutely no reason a strike force couldn't have tried to take the president when she was at the hospital (10:08:16) Jim: where security ideally would be far weaker (10:08:32) Jim: and could be more belieable
(10:09:59) Billy: At first I liked Jack's show of emotion over Bill's death, but when Renee said "He died for his country." I realized that Jack wasn't upset at Bill dying. His response angered me, "It was supposed to be me." Jack was upset because he was denied the chance to die protecting the President. He's Lieutenant Dan now!
(10:10:27) Jim: yeah, Jack has not been handled well at all this season (10:10:58) Jim: and I don't think returning him to the old, on the run from the good guys, angle will help things
(10:11:31) Billy: How many times can he go rogue, and/or be framed for something he didn't do?
(10:11:33) Jim: i mean if Jack was set up to distract the fbi, doesn't running away and forcing them to look for you kind of force the issue (10:11:51) Jim: just open the door surrender and that plot gets uncovered in like 15 minutes
(10:12:25) Billy: Burnett is dead. (10:12:39) Billy: His circulatory system is no longer functioning.
(10:12:40) Jim: I mean I doubt while Jack was on camera he snuck into the roof, cut and looped the security feed (WITH NO EQUIPMENT) and hoped back down and killed the guy
(10:12:52) Billy: therefore the nerve agent should still be in his blood.
(10:13:13) Jim: plus I'm willing to bet most paralyzing nerve agents (SERIOUSLY?!) will leave some chemical trace in the body
(10:14:13) Billy: Oh man, this is going to be really nitpicky...but the set they used for the hospital ceiling is the same set they used for the rafters in Dubaku's hideout, sans green computers.
(10:14:40) Jim: yeah, that is really nitpicky
(10:14:53) Billy: I just struck me as lazy (10:15:06) Billy: Anyways, back to the hospital plot.
(10:15:10) Jim: i mean the set-up of Jack makes no sense. people besides jack know there is a bigger conspiracy, why not just kill the lead investigator
(10:15:37) Billy: So, no one noticed the assassin lugging around Mercenary Fanny Pack?
(10:16:16) Jim: indeed, and of course moss for all his, "i won't let you touch him" retoric doesn't leave anybody in the room with Jack, even in a closet or something???? (10:16:31) Jim: i call bullshit
(10:16:36) Billy: Yeah. (10:16:51) Billy: Now, this episode didn't anger me as much as some others. (10:17:01) Billy: But Jon Voight...
(10:17:11) Jim: I hate it when common sense takes a back seat to the writers staging the ONLY way their next plot twist could occur... I call it the Heroes Syndrome
(10:18:12) Billy: his plot is obviously not nuclear. or biological. It could be a nerve agent, but it seems like a basic missile attack.
(10:18:54) Jim: Yeah, Voight is the new Powers Boothe... this show has a habit of picking incredibly lame actors in guest roles
(10:19:01) Billy: Which seems really odd, since they showed the logo of his company and it seemed like they may be Blackwood-esque mercenaries for hire. (10:19:49) Billy: Plus, the map they showed of the areas they will attack included Oil City Pennsylvania. (10:20:09) Billy: What the HELL is in Oil City that needs attacking?!
(10:21:15) Jim: Just an idea for next year, tone down the scope... it just can't be upped anymore. the last couple have just been ridiculous. How about a group that is just bombing a city... with conventional explosives... threatening in its randomness instead of scope
(10:21:50) Billy: Well, season 8 is probably going to be the last season. (10:22:01) Billy: I want a personal story again. (10:22:50) Billy: I'd like to see someone terrorizing Jack, I want a mystery again.
(10:23:08) Jim: something intimate, maybe with a mystery that requires more than torture to resolve (10:23:45) Jim: because I have to tell you... I am all tortured out
(10:24:42) Billy: Of course, Brannon Braga being an executive producer and one of the main writers this season, and presumably next season as well...we'll be lucky if the entire series doesn't turn out to be a holodeck program that Riker is watching on the Enterprise before bed...


Anonymous said...

Well, if there is a consolation, it is that Lost is On Demand from Comcast with no additional charge.

As for the name drop of Oil City, PA - which appeared much further south on the map around what is actually Washington, PA - they are known to be in the "valley that changed the world." And in a slight to Northwestern PA - specifically Erie - you will notice the top of the chimney now sports a Martinsville. Strange.

Billy said...

Yes, I did notice that as well, there is also a Batavia in Ohio but on the wrong side of the state. The Martinsville in PA is actually located closer to the real NW PA Oil City.

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