Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 10:00 P.M.- 11:00P.M.
Season 7, Episode 15

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap! editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

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(10:45:39) Billy: Executive Producer and one of the critical directors of 24, Jon Cassar, never reached a contract agreement and will not be returning for season 8.
(10:45:56) Billy: It's a goddamn shame seeing as how he directed last night's episode.
(10:46:08) Billy: and it was not a bad episode!
(10:46:11) Jim: wow, the guy responsible for so many good moments over the years
(10:46:34) Jim: no, it was far more interesting than anything we'd seen in a while this year
(10:46:49) Billy: With a couple of exceptions.
(10:46:57) Jim: it luckily only took moss about 30 minutes longer than it did you to piece together the events at Mayer's house
(10:47:10) Billy: I know, right, good for him!
(10:47:24) Billy: I was excited that they decided to not make him a total idiot.
(10:47:43) Jim: of course, much like bill during the white house takeover, i have to question why tony is still alive
(10:47:59) Jim: they couldn't at least wound him?
(10:48:12) Billy: Tony is alive to show us where Jack could be.
(10:48:18) Billy: Tony is shadow-Jack.
(10:48:39) Billy: Which might seem like a stupid thing to say, since Jack is usually all dark and broody...
(10:48:59) Billy: But Jack still has Kim--Tony has no one.
(10:49:19) Billy: Kim weighs on Jack's mind all the time.
(10:49:20) Jim: Jack got his pseudo-interested FBI lady too
(10:50:20) Billy: And so he makes decisions to save Connor "I'm a rotating guest star now that Enterprise is done" Trineer's character.
(10:51:12) Billy: Although, Christ, I thought Trineer was toast the second they introduced the pregnant wife. Kudos to the writers for not going the easy route.
(10:52:00) Jim: one thing that bugged me last night is the ingenuity of the villains... from taking over the White House, to being able to jam all means of communication whenever its convenient for extending the plot, retaking the bio-weapon via a freight helecopter, etc.
(10:53:08) Billy: Right, I agree, jamming communication didn't bug me too much because we've seen it before. But the helicopter pick up of the weapon was total Deus ex machina.
(10:53:08) Jim: and I'm really questioning what the goals of this American company are now that the FBI pretty much know they're smuggling in WMDs
(10:54:50) Billy: I think Starkwood's intention was to fake a terrorist attack, provoking the government into enlisting their help to find the attackers.
(10:54:54) Jim: I mean the rogue paramilitary group was fun in season two and other times since, but how many Americans are really going to work for an organization whose end goal is importing and controlling these weapons?
(10:55:22) Billy: Since they were arguing about their Senate sub-commitee issues last night.
(10:55:49) Billy: Of course, the FBI (Moss and Renee only as far as we know) knows now, so what would be their endgame...
(10:56:15) Jim: overlook the completely preposterous idea that the government would actually outsource significant military actions
(10:56:22) Jim: to a private army
(10:56:28) Billy: Ahem...
(10:56:40) Billy: Methinks you need to read the newspaper more, buddy.
(10:56:56) Jim: damn...
(10:57:02) Jim: it is hard to convey sarcasm through an IM
(10:57:14) Billy: Ha ha, touche.
(10:58:54) Jim: anyway, maybe its just a bit overwhelming after all these years. after virtually every Russian, Chinese and Arab-based plot has had significant data and tacticle support from rich American businessmen. You think they'd run out of guys that hate their own country that much... I mean is there some Montana anti-government ranch that caters to billionaires?
(10:59:26) Billy: Let's just be glad that it's not angry arabs again.
(11:00:15) Billy: I frankly like the idea that this Neo-Con wet dream television show, so often shows that rich white americans can do evil.
(11:01:42) Jim: I'm just worried for the rest of the season. We wasted the African dictator enemies with a terribly-executed plot and poor episodes and now when the quality hints at improving, we're marching over the same ground covered time and again
(11:02:36) Billy: Let's get some of the annoyances out of the way. Thankfully they weren't too big: The White House shenanigans need to frickin' end. It's just too much, I can't stand it anymore. I'm upset that Senator Red Foreman died, I was hoping they would bring him back as the president next year and we could forget about Little Miss Sherry Palmer-rip off.
(11:03:51) Jim: Yeah, it's time to stop centering the show around the White House so much. The president really doesn't need to be this invested and involved in everything.
(11:04:11) Jim: How many times can we watch politicians stab one another in the back?
(11:04:15) Jim: This is Fox, not CSPAN
(11:05:07) Billy: Yeah and the president's daughter was totally leaking info (and going on a date) with Vala Mal Doran's husband from Stargate SG-1.
(11:05:21) Billy: So that was stupid too....
(11:05:25) Billy: too geeky?
(11:06:51) Jim: Yeah, I like how the very first thing this girl does is sell out her mother's most trusted adviser... it makes you wonder how she ever got kicked out of the campaign before. I liked her a lot better when she was all sweet on Aaron as opposed to turning into mini-Sherry
(11:07:01) Jim: no, not too geeky
(11:07:10) Jim: for me at least
(11:07:14) Billy: Ha ha.
(11:07:26) Billy: So, the good stuff.
(11:07:45) Billy: The action was fairly riveting last night
(11:08:26) Billy: I did enjoy seeing Jack and Tony together, kicking ass. I fear Tony may die again.
(11:09:14) Billy: And Jack had the greatest line last night. Tony: You stop that guy and it'll be two on ten. Jack: Two on Nine.
(11:09:15) Jim: I wish Jack and Tony would have started shooting like two seconds earlier... it was edited like they were waiting to be discovered, like they had the opportunity to start before the enemy was prepared and taked out at least three more guys
(11:09:31) Billy: Agreed
(11:10:04) Billy: However, they did know there was a bio weapon in those containers, I could be an apologist and suggest they were trying to limit gun fire.
(11:10:12) Billy: To prevent an accidental release.
(11:10:22) Jim: but the shoot-out itself through the trailer jump was all too cool for school
(11:10:42) Jim: well that would make even more sense to start shooting before the trailer was lowered into the line of fire
(11:11:16) Billy: I love, love, loved Jack being exposed to the weapon.
(11:11:38) Billy: Though I honestly doubt Jack will ACTUALLY be infected with anything.
(11:11:58) Jim: yep, it'll allow them to keep him out of action for a little bit, suffer physically instead of the angst-fest he normally lives through
(11:12:07) Jim: it would be cool if he died at the end
(11:12:08) Billy: But for the first time in a long damn time, I felt excited and fearful for Jack Bauer's wellbeing.
(11:12:27) Jim: i could totally see him pulling a george mason the rest of the way
(11:12:36) Billy: Absolutely no one would expect Jack dying in the end.
(11:12:43) Billy: It would be one hell of a shock.
(11:12:49) Jim: except me apparently
(11:13:07) Billy: Well, I wouldn't expect it!
(11:13:37) Billy: This could be the reason Kim comes back....if indeed she is actually returning.
(11:14:10) Jim: it would be dramatic and we could forgive leaving tony alive to let him become the new lead
(11:14:47) Billy: at least for one last season.

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