Thursday, March 19, 2009

But Is It Classy?

The Office: New Boss
Season 5, Episode 20

So it is an hour after I finished watching 'The Office' and I am kind of afraid how to tackle this week. There are spoilers galore of what's in store for the rest of the season all over the Internet. So if you want to know, go to Wikipedia and you will most likely see what you need to. In this review It's time for me to just go off on what's been missing in this season.

I don't know what it is, but the charm for me is starting to dwindle. Early in the season, when we had the romance with Holly, it was cute. It was almost the romantic tension that we had from Pam and Jim in previous seasons that kept the seams of 'The Office' from bursting out of Michael Scott's pompous suit jacket. Since the Super Bowl episode, it's almost as if the writers don't care what they put on the table. As if they are trying to keep everything in a stand still until, BOOM, something mind blowing for a season finale happens to keep the viewers palate at least a bit moist for the next season.

New Boss was exactly what the title is, a new leader. Not in a sense of the new Northwest Region Vice President of Dunder Mifflin (Idris Elba), but rather a leader of where they want the audience to focus on. I can't help but feel like the supporting cast in the rest of the season will become nonexistent to the story lines. When Michael uttered the last nine lines of this episode, it was curtains to all other story lines.

I would hope this is not the case, as I like the tension that could continue between the new boss and Jim. The conversation he has in the conference room with Jim was very real. Everyone has a story about starting a new job or getting a new boss being taken down a peg. If the awkwardness continues, it could make for an interesting plot set up for Jim and Pam to walk down the aisle.

The show ends. Michael did what he did. Like a little baby. But like I said in the beginning, check the websites and you can basically see what's going on. I don't want to write it since I have been chastised for spoiling on previous posts (SO SORRY NO NAMED DUDE!). I might like the episode a little more if I rewatch it tomorrow. I almost feel like I should have written this tomorrow, but umpire duties call. On that note...



Jim said...

You forgot your contractual obligation to mention that Idris Elba starred as the incomparable Stringer Bell on "The Wire." Did you not get the memo?

Garrett said...

No I didn't, Let alone every WATCHED "The Wire" to even know that. Obviously my memo got lost in the mailroom.

Billy said...

Goddamn mailroom!

Anonymous said...

can i just say that watching the office anymore makes me VERY uncomfortable. Michael is such a jackass I just want to slap him across the face! I

Billy said...

Uncomfortable and not in a good way. Can we just have a Pam/Jim spin off?

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