Saturday, March 7, 2009

EHHHHH! Blood Drive

The Office: Blood Drive
Season 5, Episode 17

You know, I am starting to think the shows that I review plotted against me the past two weeks and totally messed up my schedule. The Office like HIMYM was on a two week hiatus to return this Thursday with a Valentines Day episode. I understand the show was on a break during this commerce driven holiday, but come on Office writers, you are probably going to have three or four more storylines to try to get Holly off Michael's mind.

On the cold opening Pam has to stop a phone salesman from getting to Michael due to the fact that the phones would basically eliminate Pam's position. Jim helps to intervene pretending to be Michael. When Michael comes out of his office, Pam in a desperate move, she goes into a Michaelesque move by being the fonz. A choir of "EHHHH'S" forces the salesman out of the door. I bring this up because this is the last time I chuckled through the episode.

With so many single people in the building, Michael decides that the office should have an Unvalentines day party, singles only. Due to this, Phyllis invites Pam and Jim to lunch with her and her husband Bob.

Before the party, a blood drive is going on in the parking lot for the industrial park. Michael goes in to see a woman very nervously giving her blood. Nervous himself, this is the only time Michael is acctually charming. This is the only time I give any sympathy towards Michael Scott is when he is not TRYING to be Michael Scott.

After finishing giving blood, Michael reveals that was so nervous about giving blood he hasn't eaten in three days and preceeds to pass out. When coming to, he sees his blood love is no where to be seen and all that is left of her is a glove.

Michael returns to the office and decides that the day should not be for sorrow, but a new step towards finding true love. Which prompts him to have a singles party for all the industrial park at Dunder Mifflin in hopes his new kinship with his girl from the blood trailer will return.

During the party, a few outsiders come in. One is introduced to Kevin who shows just uncomfortable a man can be with a woman. The girl can be seen to have an obvious attraction to Kevin. After an awkward interaction, at the end of the party Kevin returns to her and gets her email adress. THAT'S RIGHT! I said that there should be a love interest for Kevin. It clearly shows that the TAW crew here knows what they audience wants.

While at lunch, Pam and Jim are waiting for Bob and Phyllis to return from the bathroom so they can being their meals. After a long wait they look in the bathrooms and find no one. They had forgot to look in the handicap bathroom. When they get near it they hear creepy, old people sex. This obviously ruins the appitite for our you Dunder Mifflin love birds.

The story line for Blood Drive could easily been done without the red holiday involved. Like I said in my intro, I am pretty sure there will be three or four more situations written where Michael will try to get over Holly. Let's only hope that the love story for Kevin will get developed more.

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