Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 6:00P.M.- 7:00P.M./ 7:00P.M.- 8:00P.M.
Season 7, Episodes 11 & 12

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

(10:10:59) Jim: so, 24...
(10:11:09) Jim: 2 Action Packed Hours
(10:11:16) Billy: of nonsense
(10:11:43) Jim: Breaking into the White House should not be that easy.
(10:12:00) Billy: Apparently the White House is easier to break into than the Russian embassy in season six...
(10:12:11) Billy: Than Chinese embassy in season 5
(10:12:24) Billy: And any number of other embassies
(10:13:05) Jim: at least we can lay to rest whatever hope we had that this season would improve as we approached the second half
(10:13:45) Billy: well, I figure Juma AKA Tony Todd AKA Worf's brother, will be dead by next hour
(10:14:09) Billy: and then Jon Voight will become the bad guy
(10:14:24) Billy: So, yeah, this season ain't gettin' better
(10:15:00) Jim: why isn't Bill Buchanan dead?
(10:15:15) Billy: The whole night I was thinking that it was the big two parter, none of our cast has died and Bill and Aaron are in the white house with terrorists
(10:15:24) Billy: one of them is a goner
(10:15:48) Billy: it's kinda sad that the only way this show shocks me now is when they don't kill a main character.
(10:15:49) Jim: but neither of them buy it
(10:16:06) Billy: Bill had better not die
(10:16:18) Billy: I need closure about his wife!
(10:16:29) Jim: yeah, I hope in the resolution of this current hostage crisis somebody more important than the dad from That 70s Show dies
(10:16:56) Jim: does Aaron really have anything left to live for? I think not.
(10:17:04) Billy: He has a son!
(10:17:14) Billy: Palmer always talked about him!
(10:17:46) Jim: Yeah, but his son is fine sitting on the bench for the Dillon Panthers... no worries there.
(10:18:11) Billy: The writers also got their "number of administrations" that people worked for wrong.
(10:18:23) Billy: With both Jack and Aaron.
(10:18:58) Billy: I'm going to sound like a crazy fanboy here, but in season 2 Aaron clearly states that he's been in secret service since Reagan.
(10:19:06) Billy: That's more than five.
(10:19:21) Billy: we've seen at least five on the show!
(10:20:02) Jim: Nice catch
(10:20:30) Billy: So, Jon Voight
(10:20:35) Billy: has a package
(10:20:44) Billy: that Juma's men can render useless
(10:21:01) Jim: and is more important than risking implication in an assault on the White House
(10:21:03) Billy: Nuclear, Nerve, or Bio?
(10:21:25) Billy: Let's play WHICH WEAPON WILL COME NEXT!
(10:21:25) Jim: I'm going Nuclear
(10:21:32) Jim: it feels like it's been a while
(10:21:46) Billy: Yeah, Voight didn't really think his plan through
(10:22:20) Billy: attacking the U.S. after a crazy Candyman--er, General Juma takes the president hostage
(10:22:32) Billy: might not be the best time to accomplish your goal
(10:22:46) Jim: It's rather convenient that Juma and his laptop wielding buddy control the only means of interior or external communication in the White House. Which hopefully for Voight cannot be traced
(10:23:19) Billy: My favorite line of the night: "Get me a secure channel!"
(10:23:51) Billy: Oh Juma, this is 24, not Star Trek....
(10:24:58) Jim: and apparently the writers are so dedicated to hammering the Torture is Right/Wrong debate into every instance of the show, Senator Red Foreman needs to debate it with Bill while they are being held hostage.
(10:25:01) Jim: That was nice.
(10:25:42) Jim: I'd be satisfied if they could limit the ends justify the means debate to just three conversations per show.
(10:25:51) Billy: The whole "You won't face the evil by torturing it, cause you're a big sissy" diatribe by Bauer was SUPER obnoxious
(10:26:29) Billy: Guys, you are on the precipice of losing the liberals
(10:26:35) Jim: I would absolutely love for Jack to torture the wrong person just ONCE like his buddy Robert Carlyle did. The idea that on the show just ONCE the ends didn't justify the means.
(10:26:41) Billy: especially when you sound like Rush Limbaugh
(10:27:59) Billy: Jack giving Bill the stink eye about him not wanting to torture someone was really funny.
(10:28:10) Billy: because...look where you are Jack!
(10:28:27) Billy: Behind prison bars. Torturing that guy worked out SO well.
(10:28:58) Jim: and Jack's trying to coerse him to do it with someone else in the room!
(10:29:19) Jim: What's Bill supposed to say, "That's a very good point actually, pal."
(10:29:41) Jim: so who has the best odds of surviving the crisis? Jack leads the way at about 1,000,000-1 and Jum's men on the opposite end of 1-50,000,000 against. Who will live? Who will die?
(10:30:12) Billy: I don't know
(10:30:17) Jim: they've introduced the VP, so even Taylor is on the table
(10:30:18) Billy: I think Bill is dead.
(10:30:30) Billy: The VP is a no-name
(10:30:39) Billy: so I don't think Taylor is dead
(10:31:03) Billy: Maybe they will continue to shock us by NOT killing anyone
(10:32:05) Billy: Last night felt SO long
(10:32:25) Billy: Two of the most boring ridiculous hours of my life
(10:32:40) Jim: I say Aaron buys it. My hierarchy of survival is: Jack, Taylor, Renee, Taylor's Daughter, Bill, Senator Red Foreman, Moss, Juma, Aaron, the rest of Juma's men
(10:33:16) Billy: I could honestly stop watching this show right now and not care enough to find out what happens next.
(10:33:29) Jim: Maybe I could, but I won't
(10:33:34) Billy: I won't
(10:33:36) Billy: I know
(10:33:46) Billy: I'm too much of a 24 whore
(10:33:57) Billy: but I really wish the fan phone was still working
(10:34:02) Jim: despite all our just criticism, someday this season will be on sale on DVD for $15-20 and we'll buy it
(10:34:55) Billy: I feel slightly upset that I spoke to Jon Cassar[Executive Producer and Director] in season 4.
(10:35:18) Jim: yeah, now is time we feel the need to get in touch with them
(10:35:22) Billy: cause I would have given him an ear full
(10:35:26) Billy: this season
(10:37:40) Jim: at least Jack and Renee might be back on track... I think you might at least get a happy ending there. The fact that the writers felt the need to have Moss remind her that POTUS was the priority and not Jack feels like leading by the hand to that eventual point of joy.
(10:38:07) Billy: Why did they break into the white house....oh my lord. Why couldn't the Prez been at division or FBI headquarters. Anywhere but the white house. Totally killed the whole night for me. So that one sewer is the key?
(10:38:23) Billy: Yes. Renee and Jack.
(10:38:40) Billy: Except that Jack has been such a massive dickhole this season
(10:38:56) Billy: Giving him a happy ending just doesn't seem right.
(10:39:47) Jim: it isn't Jack fault. they've had every random person under the sun debate interrogation methods with him is a big part of that. I have expect him to stop at a hot dog vendor that asks, "So Chinese water torture... your thoughts?"
(10:40:02) Billy: Wait. You’re the hot dog vendor?

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