Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 11:00 P.M.- 12:00P.M.
Season 7, Episode 16

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap! editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we post our live discussion of the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

(21:00:30) Jim: 24 - and we're live!
(21:00:43) Billy: The worlds deadliest bio-weapon??
(21:00:47) Jim: EvAH!
(21:00:49) Billy: What the eff? (21:01:02) Billy: It looked like dry ice to me.
(21:01:13) Jim: how are they going to justify Jack surviving something worse than smallpox or ebola?
(21:01:45) Billy: Jack Bauer is invincible. (21:01:50) Billy: apparently.
(21:02:47) Jim: indeed
(21:03:25) Billy: So, we've had only two legitimately GOOD episodes this season. hopefully this won't disappoint.
(21:03:38) Jim: naked Jack time (21:03:45) Jim: I thought this seeason was missing something
(21:03:45) Billy: SUNNY MACER! (21:03:59) Billy: We have not seen her in four years! (21:05:04) Billy: Nice call back to previous seasons with Jack's tats, scars and old CDC people
(21:05:45) Jim: how could this security company be so big that the US freaking government is sweating having to assault them... THEY. ARE. THE. GOVERNMENT.
(21:06:29) Billy: We ARE in a recession. And the president is a Republican, maybe she cut back on EVERYTHING. (21:07:01) Billy: Though, Jon Voight makes a compelling counterpoint to your gripe. (21:07:18) Billy: Oh God, another Brannon Braga episode (21:09:42) Billy: What the hell is Jon "Hodges" Voight's lackey's name?
(21:10:13) Jim: Didn't catch Mr. Good Idea's name. for once, I'd like to see the villain say, "Know what - you're right. This has gone a little too far. I'm outta here."
(21:10:48) Billy: Wow, 15 minutes to identify the infection. Things have gotten super Goddamn fast over the last four years since Season 3. (21:11:15) Billy: Rick Berman?! (21:11:28) Billy: As White House Chief of Staff? (21:12:03) Billy: Leaving the private sector? Getting fired from Star Trek doesn't equate to LEAVING.
(21:12:03) Jim: couldn't they get the Biscuit? He was CoS just a couple months ago. (21:13:35) Jim: and Berman didn't leave Star Trek. He killed it. That's life saying Leonardo DiCaprio LEFT the Titanic.
(21:14:13) Billy: Oh no, the United States is FUCKED with him as Chief of Staff.
(21:14:26) Jim: at that point, I say let the terrorists win
(21:16:37) Billy: So, I suppose that when this commercial break ends we will find out whether or not Jack is infected. I bet no, since it's not a cliffhanger.
(21:17:23) Jim: Jack's Lady is about to be sad
(21:18:00) Billy: You know, aside from her tendency towards annoying morality(only because they happen at inopportune times), I really like Renee.
(21:18:19) Jim: does she look like somebody ready to handle a debrief?
(21:18:44) Billy: She looks like somebody who is lamenting not being able to jump Jack's bones.
(21:18:45) Jim: but she toughens up pretty quick (21:19:04) Jim: wow, FD really is hot for Aaron
(21:19:12) Billy: Oh noes, Aaron, don't fall for it.
(21:19:23) Jim: this season is like 24: The Near-Boinking
(21:20:21) Billy: I suspected that the "rift" between the first daughter and former Chief of Staff was an affair of some sort. (21:21:07) Billy: they need to drop a Goddamn missile on that facility.
(21:21:33) Jim: did they just reference the chicken guy episode from X-Files?
(21:21:42) Billy: Creutzfeld-jacob? Everything I know about that I learned from the X-files. (21:22:06) Billy: I can say that about most things. I'm very sad.
(21:22:09) Jim: as long as Jack avoids KFC he should be fine then
(21:23:17) Billy: Of course it sounds like Jack isn't going to be contagious. (21:23:41) Billy: So he can get back in the game.
(21:23:45) Jim: Hey, it's the One Smart Bad Guy (21:25:00) Jim: saving Tony, good plan... probably getting killed for it, but still...
(21:25:07) Billy: Wait a minute...I just thought of something, why is Sunny Macer in DC? (21:25:34) Billy: Wait, what the hell was that?
(21:25:59) Jim: the results of his blood work (21:26:12) Jim: they're going to tease us about it for a little longer
(21:26:25) Billy: Seriously, they are going to cliffhanger THAT over a commercial? Ugh.
(21:29:30) Jim: see, he's okay
(21:29:43) Billy: What. A. Fucking. Cock. Tease.
(21:29:55) Jim: crapola
(21:29:58) Billy: Jack is infected! (21:30:00) Billy: Huzzah!
(21:30:10) Jim: Sweet! No cure!
(21:30:34) Billy: I shouldn't be happy that Jack is going to potentially die. (21:31:12) Billy: But this vulnerability is something that the series has lacked since season 2.
(21:31:42) Jim: we can fear for our favorite character again - definitely a sweet decision
(21:32:45) Billy: Now, of course, at the 11th hour (or 24th hour rather) they will more than likely find a cure...but still.
(21:33:10) Jim: gotta fill the time someow (21:33:17) Jim: somehow
(21:34:57) Billy: Greg!! The smart bad guy has a name! (21:40:29) Billy: How is a non-contagious toxin(my biology professor wife would like to contend that it is not a virus because it's non-propagating) the most deadly bio-weapon ever?
(21:41:37) Jim: yeah, it would be deadly, but isn't the main advanatage of biological weapons the ease with which they can spread throughout a civilian population?
(21:41:51) Billy: Bingo (21:45:00) Billy: They won't let Jack Bauer play with the other kids? That won't last long.
(21:45:29) Jim: they're taking him out of the action way too quick here
(21:48:29) Billy: 11:51 already? Wow, what a fast moving episode.
(21:48:51) Jim: yeah, that's gotta be a good sign (21:49:22) Jim: despite it being more filler - a get the pieces in place episode - I've been interested throughout
(21:49:31) Billy: I agree. (21:50:11) Billy: It's been very interesting. My theory is 24+ "virus" = good. (21:50:40) Billy: Moss is dead. (21:50:53) Billy: A missile is gonna knock his heli down.
(21:50:56) Jim: It'll get Jack involved again for sure
(21:50:59) Billy: I just feel it.
(21:51:21) Jim: BATTLE!
(21:51:51) Billy: I love it when this show surprises me by NOT doing something. (21:52:30) Billy: good Bad Guy is looking MIGHTY Squirrelly.
(21:53:05) Jim: indeed, that's rarely a good sign
(21:54:02) Billy: Bad good guy, it seems.
(21:55:26) Jim: oh, I just remembered I knew Bad Good Bad Guy from Empire Records and The Last Don
(21:55:36) Billy: Heh. (21:57:35) Billy: Tony gave that guy a look, like he knew him.
(21:57:39) Jim: so maybe it was talking about it throughout, but I was really locked in this week... a nice change of pace
(21:58:00) Billy: I'm pleasantly surprised. I liked it. (21:58:47) Billy: the lack of serious White House shenanigans, and Jack being humanized worked wonders.

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