Thursday, February 5, 2009

Michael Scott Tries To Find Closure On The Office

The Office: Lecture Circuit
Season 5 Episode 15

After an hour long episode of The Office on Sunday, our crew from Scranton returned to its regular Thursday night slot. More questions arise as we are left with the dreaded three words To Be Continued. A former cast member is teased to make a return and Michael tries get closure with them.

Lecture Circuit begins with Michael and Pam leaving a hotel (separate rooms as Pam reminds us). We learn that corporate has asked Michael to speak to the other Dunder Mifflin branches in regards to their successful sales.

Back at the office, Kelly is shown entering the building and is very angry at Dwight and Jim. The two have taken over as co-party planners due to the problems that occurred at Christmas. Kelly informs the camera that the previous day was her birthday and no one has remembered.

We return to Michael headed into the Utica branch. Karen, Jim's former girlfriend, is still the manager of the branch. We see she is now noticeably pregnant. This leads to an awkward moment with Michael asking Karen, in front of Pam mind you, if the baby is Jim's. Of course, we know this is not a possibility.

Back in Scranton, a desperate Andy sees Stanley with an attractive woman and instantly falls for her. He goes to her car to see what type of music she listens to. He finds she listens to Fiest which leads him to have a funny way to bring Stanley and this woman a cup of coffee.

Jim and Dwight have begun to plan a rush birthday party for Kelly. Dwight has partially blown up black, brown, and tan baloons becasue they "match the carpets".

Michael then starts his presentation to the Utica branch by pretending to be on the phone in the hallway. He returns to tell them that his father has died. With the group looking upset for him, Michael stops and says it was all a joke. That he had to sell them on the idea that his father died.

Karen stops the presentation before Michael truly gets out of hand.

Back in PA, Andy has taken over Stanley's sales pitch in an attempt to woo his new interest. He wraps up the sale and walks the new lady prospect to her car. At the advice of Creed, Andy tries to go in for the kill but is shot down. We are left with a slight glimpse of hope for Andy, until we are told that the sale did not go through.

While in Karen's office, she tells Pam and Michael about her husband, a dermatologist she met in a bar. She asks how Jim is. Pam, fearing for the worst, has a good connection with Karen and feels there is now closure between the two women of Jim.

When returning to the car, Michael has an emotional breakdown and spills his heart for not having forgotten his feelings for Holly. At Pam's advice, they decide to skip their next lecture, and go to New Hampshire to see Holly.

Some things that I personally think will happen in Part two. Dwight goes overboard on Kelly questioning her Customer Service abilities. Andy, feeling that he has lost all hope for women, goes gay. Michael, in an idea Billy and I have been waiting for 3 seasons, quits Dunder Mifflin to be with Holly. And then there is Ryan.....BJ Novak has rumored that his character will be returning sometime before the season ends. Ryan then takes over the Scranton branch in a crazy twist no one expects.

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