Friday, February 27, 2009

Fillin' Gaps. Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter!

Lost: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Season 5, Episode 7

It's a testament to the terrific pace of this season thus far that a slow episode such as this one doesn't completely derail my enjoyment of Lost.

Yes, Lost Fanboys are pathetically proclaiming EVERY new episode of this season as the best yet and while it's not as lame as it was during season 2 ("Dave" was a worthless episode, deal with it) it's starting to make me abhor the fandom of this brilliant show.

Yes. I called Lost brilliant and I still didn't care for this episode. It wasn't because it was a BAD episode. Far from it. Terry O'Quinn was terrific. It was just...well, why did we waste an entire episode showing Locke visiting the Oceanic 6? We knew how those meetings went, we knew how it affected Jack. The bulk of the episode was dedicated to showing up the story gaps that we could already piece together from the last season and a half of the show.

The major issue I have with the episode and truthfully it's a small quibble, is that now 90% of the people who left the island have now returned. It's sort of like what "Battlestar Galactica" did when the fleet made it to Earth with ten episodes to go in the final season. Where are they headed? Who knows. I'll give the Cuse and Lindelof a free pass for now, I have to see where this is headed.

So what did we learn? Not a whole lot, but what was revealed was highly intriguing. Firstly, the frozen donkey wheel apparently shoots everyone out of John Malkovich's head onto the New Jersey Turnpike...wait, wrong story. Actually the frozen donkey wheel apparently always drops it's users in Tunisia. Charlotte found a Dharma polar bear skeleton in the Tunisian desert, so yeah. Somehow a polar bear used the donkey wheel. Good to know.

Charles Widmore apparently knows where the wheel deposits it's users and has set up surveillance of the area. It does, however, beg the question of why Chuckles didn't have those camera's a few years ago when Ben first left the island...hmmm. Charles has his men pick up Locke when he appears and they fix up his broken leg. Our first big shocker of the evening comes when Charles informs Locke that he actually wants to help him get the Oceanic 6 back to the island. Apparently Ben tricked Widmore into leaving the island where he was the leader of The Others. Widmore's motives are not entirely lucid, much like Ben we are left wondering if he's the good guy or the bad guy of the story. If Locke wasn't such a sucker, I'd be inclined to say that he's the good guy and everyone else are the baddies.

Matthew Abbadon (played by Lance Reddick who, I am contractually obligated by Jim to mention, was previously seen on "The Wire" and is now serving time on "Fringe," poor soul) gets to play chauffeur for Locke as he takes a fun trip around the world. He doesn't get much to do here 'cept be AWESOME and find people. Find people like...Locke's long lost fiance, Helen. Sadly for Locke (and Helen) she's livin' six under. Shortly thereafter, Ben kills Abbadon. Goodbye, interesting character (who was previously on "The Wire").

And finally we learn how Locke dies. Surprise. It was Ben. Yes, if you had half a brain (I'm talking to you Lost Fanboys!) you surely saw this coming. Locke was about to do the deed until Ben barged in and saved him. But his reason behind the save was merely to squeeze Locke for info (namely his contact, Eloise Hawking, and proof that Jin was still alive) and once that was taken care of...well, so was Locke. Except not quite. Since the Island does that voodoo that it do so well. Seeing Locke alive on the Hydra station island as HIMSELF and not a smoke-monster created golem made for a great plot development.

Does that mean that Christian Sheppard (who died in Australia and had his body deposited on Crap-hole island by the plane crash) is ACTUALLY Christian Sheppard as well? God, I hope so. It would give me "B" in my Lost Plot Theory Bingo game.

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