Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

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24: 4:00P.M.-5:00P.M.
Season 7 Episode 9
(10:15:08) Billy: such excitement!
(10:15:28) Jim: well, not how I'd phrase it
(10:15:42) Billy: No, not at all.
(10:15:51) Jim: a time killer episode
(10:15:57) Jim: built around the mole fake out
(10:16:18) Billy: I'd like to refer back to the first one of these talks we did where I called this 24: Greatest Hits
(10:16:26) Jim: this shit's like battlestar - it's all happened before and will all happen again" only, you know... not as good.
(10:16:33) Billy: because we've done this before
(10:16:37) Billy: RIGHT!
(10:17:32) Billy: How long before Dubaku's girl shivs him?
(10:18:02) Billy: I'm seriously waiting for Jack to turn to Renee and ask her if she's ever had deja vu.
(10:18:27) Jim: I never did trust that guy from Entourage... he was a dick on that show too
(10:18:38) Jim: never trust characters played by people that only play dicks
(10:18:59) Billy: never trust characters with slicked back hair!
(10:20:03) Billy: I just wish for once that the mole was someone we DIDN'T know
(10:20:15) Billy: How many goddamn moles can there be?!
(10:20:40) Billy: Back in season 3 it was cute to joke about the number of moles, now it's pathetic.
(10:21:51) Jim: well, we were being set-up for this since the main goal of the season has always been finding the moles
(10:22:15) Jim: but you are right, not a good idea to revolve virtually the entire plot of the season around your most laughable cliche
(10:23:11) Billy: Sure, high level moles, not slicked back hair moles in our SMALL inner circle, and by the way, having a combination lock on you desk drawer SHOULD be a huge clue to who the mole is.
(10:25:58) Billy: It was nice to see some familiar faces from the past(though Aaron Pierce being in DC on this particular day is a stretch, since we last saw him living with Martha Logan in L.A!)
(10:26:49) Billy: Seeing Morris was cool, but the kid...Prescott? Really? Palmer's VP was Jim Prescott...maybe he's named after him for some odd reason.
(10:27:09) Jim: wow, i did not catch that
(10:27:58) Jim: yeah, when aaron piece showed up Nick raised his hand for a high five and I literally ignored him and went "Ugh."
(10:28:20) Jim: we do not need to repeat the mistakes of previous years by bringing everyBODY back in completely unnecessary ways
(10:28:28) Billy: I LIKE Pierce...but this stretches credibility
(10:29:13) Billy: Plus, I particularly loved how the President's daughter knew that Pierce was retired from active duty just from his name...
(10:29:27) Jim: she mentioned "his credentials"
(10:30:43) Jim: but yeah, just happened to be in dc... how nice. See in the last couple years He started in LA caring for the mentally unbalanced former first lady, then on Friday Night Lights he ehlped his son torch the family station wagon to cover up a murder, now in DC... I wonder what other adventures he had crossing this great nation of ours?
(10:31:48) Billy: Well, he did get attacked by the Decepticons a few years back at a military base.
(10:31:55) Billy: The dude has been around.
(10:35:10) Billy: I'm begging the writers to quit with the emo-Renee crap.
(10:35:40) Billy: Everytime she looks in a mirror or talks to HeadFBIGuy she gets all sullen
(10:36:22) Jim: Yeah, the why, oh why am I doing this angle is really grinding my last nerve
(10:37:16) Billy: We get it, you hate what you've become. just follow Homer Simpson's advice "Just squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball, and release it at an appropriate time. Like that day I hit the Referee with the whiskey bottle. Remember that?"
(10:37:32) Jim: since none of the actors really sell it, it's all the more worse... what part of escapist entertainment don't you get, people? We knew back in year two in reality we would never support a government agent doing most of what Jack does... but IT. IS. FICTIONAL.
(10:41:37) Billy: Well, I don't mind the creators trying to imbue a little leftist morality into what is essentially a conservative wet dream
(10:41:51) Billy: I just can't stand how it's being handled
(10:42:09) Billy: especially since I want Renee and Bauer to end up together
(10:42:29) Jim: Yeah, I can't stad it being presented through the same four or five lines repeated ad nauseum by every character and Renee looking heartbroken
(10:42:56) Billy: right
(10:43:22) Billy: Was last night the eighth episode of the season?
(10:43:48) Billy: I'm wondering when we are finished with the pre-strike episodes.
(10:44:29) Jim: I thought it was last week or this.
(10:44:30) Billy: My hope is that the season picks up with the post strike episodes, but if THIS was a post strike episode...eep.
(10:45:29) Jim: Yeah, not a good sign... hopefully this one was pre-strike... because if this is the level of the remainder of the season, they are pushing me away from this show with everything they got
(10:46:06) Billy: Agreed, I turned to Melissa after the totally obvious mole reveal and said I was done.
(10:46:36) Billy: Of course, I'm like an abuse victim
(10:46:39) Jim: That's a bit reactionary. I mean you're still going to watch it every week.
(10:46:42) Billy: always coming back for more
(10:47:12) Billy: But, I'm to the point where I probably won't buy this season on DVD
(10:47:17) Jim: Yeah, I've really felt that way the last couple weeks on Mondays with 24 and Heroes... How I Met Your Mother really needs to hurry back into my life
(10:47:44) Billy: or at least not until its super cheap...like $15, like season 6 was when I bought it.
(10:48:02) Billy: Certainly not ponying up for Blu-Ray.
(10:48:43) Billy: Though between the two shows you mentioned, 24 is way more tolerable.
(10:51:13) Jim: True, but it fell from a loftier position

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