Friday, February 6, 2009

I Don't Really Care About Those Six, Get ME Back to the Island!

Lost: The Little Prince
Season 5: Episode 4

Lost continues the season long arc that sees our main cast members split up into two groups. We have the Oceanic 6 (plus Ben and Desmond) who have left the island trying to return to "crap-hole island," and the survivors still on the island who are flashing through time.

This weeks episode focused mostly on the plight of Kate and like every other Kate-centric episode, I really couldn't care less about her story.

Spoilers after the jump.

There's not much to say about the story off the island. Desmond and Penny aren't seen this week, Hurley is in county lock up(in the snappiest orange jumpsuit) and is only seen for a few moments. Jack has brought Sayid back from the brink of death following his being tranquilized in the past episode.

Kate is still on the run...again...this time from the evil lawyer who wants a blood sample from Aaron. For some reason Aaron annoys the hell out of me. I know he's just a little kid, but hearing "mommy!" every five minutes is just about as obnoxious as hearing his mother screech "My BAY-BEE!"

Sayid is attacked by someone carrying Kate's address in his wallet, so Jack goes to find her. She's actually stalking the lawyer. Long story short, Ben hired the lawyer to scare Kate. The last thing we see from the mainlanders is the entire group at the marina(sans Hurley, of course), Sun has a gun. Things will not be pretty.

Back on the Island, however, things are moving. Through time! Zing! Charlotte's cliffhanger nosebleed-blackout clears up just long enough to get the group moving again. But, what's this? Miles has a nosebleed now? Faraday raises the possibility that the onset of the nosebleed indicates the length of time spent on the island. So, is Miles Dharma video guru Dr. Chang(or Wickmund,Candle or whichever alias you like)'s son?

Locke theorizes that the flashes through time are happening because the Oceanic 6 left, and that if he can go to the Orchid he can leave the island and bring them back. The plan is typical Locke bullish nonsense, we can presume that the island being unstuck in time is a result of Ben using the frozen donkey wheel at the end of season four. So what difference does it make if the Oceanic 6 come back?

On the way towards the Orchid the group flashes back to the night Claire gave birth to Aaron. They see the Hatch light(Locke suddenly goes all Doc Brown on us and wants to avoid bumping into himself) and Sawyer gets to see Kate assist Claire with the delivery.

Along the way, the group flashes into what is presumably the future, the camp is trashed and row boats sit on the beach. Water bottles from an Ajira Airlines are in the boats. Not wasting any time, the group snatches a boat and heads towards the Orchid. Of course, nothing is so simple, the "other Others" give pursuit and begin shooting at the boat. By virtue of another time shift the group escapes. The big question here is who is this new faction, will we see them at some point this season or next?

The group lands the boat on shore where they find wreckage...from a French vessel. Methinks they have landed back in 1988. But of course they have! The next thing we see is a group in a life boat picking up a castaway in the water. Who are the life boat people? Who is the adrift castaway? Well, the answer to both questions is fairly simple and totally bad ass. The castaway is a totally not-dead Jin, and the lifeboat folks? Danielle Rousseau's science team. Yes, we get to meet a VERY pregnant Danielle Rousseau when she first arrived on the island.

Some final thoughts:
  • No flashback for the long-dead Danielle, but it looks like we'll get to see what happened to her group after all(I hope!).
  • Why does Locke want JUST the Oceanic 6 back? We know that he visited Walt before he died, so why don't they want him back on the island. Why not Desmond for that matter?
  • Who were the Ajira airline people? Some internet folks are predicting that the Oceanic 6 take Ajira airlines back to the island. I don't know about that since they are all meeting at a pier, I assume they are boating back to the island.
All in all, the season continues to be as intriguing as it was in season one, which is high praise from me. Here's hoping that the Oceanic 6 get back to the island soon because their off-island adventures just aren't as fun as the people on the island!

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