Thursday, February 19, 2009

¿Este episodio agujereaba? Sí, estaba sí.

Lost: 316
Season 5 Episode 6

While I do think that it's somewhat sad that this week's episode of Lost was memorable mostly because of the reveal that Hurley has im-fucking-peccable taste in comic books. It wasn't a complete loss.

Some thoughts and spoilers after the jump.

I think I've been fairly consistent with my critique of this season. Namely that the story of the people on the mainland just has not been as interesting as the time-jumble happening on the island, so when I say that the entire episode covers the gang in L.A. AND it focuses mostly on Jack...yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

The big news was that old school fan theory that the island continually moves(and that would be why the Oceanic survivors were never rescued) was proven true by Ms. Hawking. We also got our first look at a mainland Dharma station: The Lamppost. The Lamppost is a magnetic station tasked with finding the island.

Desmond finally has his face-to-face with Ms. Hawking after she prevented him from mucking up the timeline in "Flashes Before Your Eyes."

The other big news? The gang(well, at least Hurley, Jack and Kate) make it back to the island! It seems that the gang all boarded Ajira airlines flight 316 near the end of the episode. Hawking tells Jack that this particular flight will fly right over the island. So with that question answered(and the return of Frank Lapidus as the Ajira pilot) what else did we learn? Not a whole lot as it turns out.

Things we don't know:

  • What the hell happened to Aaron. Did Kate pawn him off on Claire's mother?
  • Why does Sun feel that finding Jin is more important than being a mother to her daughter?
  • Why was Ben covered in blood when he boarded the plane. Did he make good on his promise to kill Penny?
  • Why was Sayid being escorted air marshal-style onto the plane by Zuleikha Robinson(who I last saw in "The X-Files" spin off "The Lone Gunmen").
  • How did they convince Hurley to come back to the Island, when did he have time to pick up the awesome Spanish language copy of Y: The Last Man? And why the hell didn't Hurley just charter a private fucking jet to take the group to the island instead of dooming some poor schmucks to Crap-hole Island.
Jack has no quibbles with returning to the island. He's been down with the plan since episode one of this season, so you see his story was kinda boring. Luckily it looks like next episode will fill in the blanks with regards to Locke's trip off the island. Though this and the last episode were fairly boring, part of that was due to the sheer greatness of the prior four episodes. Here's hoping that greatness returns.

Oh, and Jack's grandfather was Senator Matheson from "The X-Files." Man, two X-Files references...I dearly miss that show.

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