Friday, February 13, 2009

Lecture Circuit Part II Almost the Cats Meow

The Office: Lecture Circuit Part II
Season 5 Episode 16

Another Office episode, another reason to dislike Michael. The second part to the Lecture Circuit brought us closure to Kelly's birthday, as well as showed us a creepy side to Angela one might have seen coming. Sit back and relax, as I tell you why this is the last season for Michael Scott.

Angela comes into the office in a more than usual chipper mood. She tells her coworkers that she has gotten a new, and very expensive, cat. She was able to purchase the fancy feline by selling Andy's engagement ring on E-Bay.

Michael has gone to the Nashua Dunder Mifflin branch to get closure with Holly. When entering the branch, he is told that Holly has gone on a three day Human Resources Convention. He is pointed towards a salesman AJ who is told to be Holly's boyfriend. We then see Michael outside going into a little hissy fit, and only on the coaxing of Pam does he return. Again we see a stupid Michael joke that leaves us just feeling angry and not wanting to see more Michael.

In Scranton, Jim and Dwight are still trying to figure out what to do for Kelly's birthday. Jim has returned with a plain cake with nothing on it. Kelly refuses the gesture and says there is always a theme for the birthday.

In the accounting wing, Angela has a webcam on her house to keep an eye on her cats. We see that one of the cats is humping her new prized cat. One of the funnier moments is yet to come.

Michael then begins his presentation to the New Hampshire and can not handle himself. He starts to acuse AJ and in a fit goes on the floor and crawls out of the conference room. Pam takes over and is acctually a funny moment, as she tries to do Michael's presentation and bombs just as bad as he would.

Angela has now gone to her house to tend to her cats, and unbenost to her, her camera has remained on her work computer. Angela now is tending to her new cat, and to the disgust of all that watch, begins to lick bathe the furball. Once she returns to the building she sees that the camera was still up and asks if Oscar and Kevin had watched. They of course deny. Angela they begins to cough and appears to hack up a hairball. I am not sure if the writers are going to make Angela even more wacko then she already is, or this is as far as it will go. Regardless, our Dunder Mifflin cat lady is creeping towards Crazytown.

While Pam does Michael's presentation, we see him snooping around Holly's desk. He bumps her computer and sees a document that is to be written to him. He then puts the file on his jump drive. After the presentation, he tells Pam what he did. Pam says it would be unjust if he read it, but would be perfectly fine if she did. Upon reading the letter and deleting it, Pam tells Michael that Holly still has feelings for him. She doesn't go into full detail. We don't get an aside from her telling if this is true or she is trying to not hurt Michael's feelings. This will probably set up an appearence from Holly in another episode.

Dwight and Jim have finally given Kelly a birthday with a theme. The theme is she can have the choice of watching tv for an hour, or taking a nap for an hour. She chooses the hour, and is awaken by a very funny Dwight banging two trash cans together.

The wrap up to Lecture Circuit makes me feel as if the writers are basically obligated to writting for Steve Carrell's character but would have more fun writting for the others. I am not sure on the contracts of each cast member but I pray that Carrell's is up this year and he parts ways with the show. The Office can still hold up strong with Jim, Pam, and Dwight in the main roles. The supporting cast still remains strong, and has subplots that can last for probably two to three more seasons. I still would love to see Kevin find a love interest, as well as an old lady for Creed. One can only wish the writers could hear my call.

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