Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, That Was Unpleasant

Terminator:TSCC: Adam Raised A Cain
Season 2, Episode 21

Josh Friedman, are you asking viewers(of which you have few) to abandon this show?

They killed Derek Reese and I can only assume killed the interest of many, many viewers. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Brian Austin Green was one of the most compelling reasons to watch this show. Losing his character is a blow that this show may never recover from. Of course, since next week is likely the last episode of the series, it may never have to recover from it.

Derek's death was shocking, quick, and done at the fifteen minute mark. It's a testament to the character that his death rocked me and stuck in my mind for days after.

Aside from the death of it's best character, this episode was damned fine. One of the best hours of television I've seen recently. The interaction between John Henry and...well...between John Henry and everyone who shares a scene with Garrett Dillahunt is exceptional. Of special note is the interaction between Weaver's daughter Savannah and the presumed brother of SkyNet.

I think it's fairly obvious that Weaver is working towards keeping humanity alive for some reason. Her line to Ellison about his and Savannah's future depending on John Henry was very telling. It's a tough place to be in, we know more about John Henry than the Connors, so when Sarah speaks of razing ZeiraCorp to destroy John Henry it is very chilling.

The ending was interesting, Sarah Connor arrested(Presumably on a tip from Weaver. Another clue that she doesn't want humanity destroyed, why have Sarah arrested when she could have met with the Connor clan and killed them all easily) and John on his own would be a great twist, but I'm not sure a show called The Sarah Connor Chronicles has the kumquats to do that...

Then again, I didn't think they'd have the stones to kill Derek...


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