Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 3:00A.M.-4:00A.M.
Season 7, Episode 20

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap! editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

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(14:56:56) Jim: I suppose they needed another time-killer, set-the-table episode, but man it was boring last night
(14:57:18) Billy: So, I'm here in Cali, apparently living 24 season 3...dodging Pig Flu...
(14:57:29) Jim: I mean, I spent half the episode arguing what utter bullshit it was that people are getting up at 3:30am in the morning to cook breakfast
(14:57:38) Billy: And it's been more exciting that last nights episode.
(14:58:09) Billy: Apparently we're got two separate gay characters now.
(14:58:17) Billy: Not that there's anything wrong with that!
(14:58:38) Billy: But I got the feeling that the 3am breakfast patsy was gay.

(14:58:58) Jim: I have it bad enough with a job where I have to get up at six the morning, even I can't get up an extra half hour to make breakfast.
(14:59:13) Jim: No fucking way these people should be awake

(14:59:20) Billy: Hah
(15:00:00) Billy: I agree, and if I can jump the gun just a bit, I must say that I was uber excited to see the CTU servers and the classic theme playing along with it.

(15:00:08) Jim: That's what I loved about other years, they are trying to make the ultimate drama at a time when there is no fucking reason that anybody should be awake
(15:00:43) Jim: Indeed, the return of Chloe was excellently handled as well, especially her scene with Morris

(15:00:47) Billy: It kinda feels like this entire season is a prequel to the eventual season 8.
(15:00:58) Jim: AKA the most under-utilized star of a previous season since Kate Warner
(15:01:32) Billy: Because they sure as shit aren't going to catch all those consortium guys and gals in four hours.
(15:01:46) Jim: I hope not.
(15:02:34) Jim: I know they want things to be more self contained, but at this point it would be nice to have holdover villains... besides Nina and the Chinese guy.

(15:03:08) Billy: I suspect Tony will be killed, but I almost hope he comes back as a villain
(15:03:13) Jim: We've reached the point a few years ago where its just impossible to believe this many Americans want to attack America without setting a half of a season in Montana
(15:03:32) Jim: Yes, no redemption for Tony until his death... Jack needs a Moriarty

(15:03:34) Billy: Well, I play a ton of video games
(15:03:47) Jim: Yes you do.
(15:03:47) Billy: and Private Military Corporations are the new boogeyman
(15:03:54) Billy: in gaming.
(15:04:31) Billy: and so, I can sorta buy the PMC explanation. and they totally flat out said that Hodges is batshit insane.

(15:04:51) Jim: Yeah, I appreciated that.
(15:05:40) Jim: It was nice to cover their implausible plot shifts by making a character mentally unbalanced instead of leaving it hanging back there... for further examples see Jack's Dad.

(15:05:51) Billy: Agreed
(15:06:00) Billy: I'm still loving Jack-Renee

(15:06:18) Jim: Yeah, I'm just getting pissed they haven't had ENOUGH development there
(15:06:19) Billy: I cannot wait to see season 8 just because of them.
(15:06:38) Jim: I really don't want to have them tease it all day just to have them hold hands in the last 5 minutes (RE: Season 2)
(15:06:54) Billy: I suspect that's all we'll get
(15:07:06) Billy: and I also suspect that season 8 will begin with them together

(15:07:09) Jim: Renee would be the first romantic interest that I'd actaully anxiously await the return of
(15:07:11) Billy: as the heads of CTU
(15:07:20) Billy: which would hearken back to season 1

(15:08:02) Jim: She would be a nice, rule-bending, but less psychotic version of Jack... He could use that sense of balance
(15:08:57) Billy: Yeah, and it's honestly the only thing I have to look forward to on this show these days
(15:09:18) Jim: I realize this is a bit off topic, but who besides Jack, Renee and Chloe would you want working for CTU next year to take down Tony's Cabal?
(15:09:46) Billy: I don't want Janeane Garafalo back
(15:09:50) Jim: Agreed.
(15:09:57) Billy: Ideally I'd like a new cast
(15:10:00) Billy: totally
(15:10:16) Billy: aside from the Jack, Renee and Chloe

(15:10:41) Jim: I wouldn't mind Doyle... just about the only character I liked from last season.
(15:10:41) Billy: Morris (carlos Rota) was cast on Stargate Universe, so he's out.
(15:10:53) Billy: I actually think Chase could come back

(15:11:05) Jim: I was pissed for the longest time that they blinded him for absolutely no reason.
(15:11:14) Billy: but if they didn't bring him back yet, it will never happen.
(15:11:33) Jim: Has James Badge Dale done anything since the Departed?
(15:11:40) Jim: He'd probably be up for it

(15:11:57) Billy: It would be easy to bring him back
(15:12:06) Billy: and he technically didn't let Jack down.
(15:12:17) Billy: It could provide some tension with Kim
(15:12:26) Billy: and I've heard she'll be back next season.
(15:12:34) Billy: In some capacity.

(15:13:13) Jim: One thing I'd absolutely fucking love is if they had Kim and Chase work together like mature adults without bringing their past into it to angst things up
(15:13:30) Jim: I realize that goes against the core of Kim's character, but it'd be a nice change of pace

(15:13:39) Billy: Fact is, Jack's action days are mostly gone.
(15:13:52) Jim: Make me think she's actually grown up a bit... how old is her character supposed to be?
(15:14:07) Billy: they need a Doyle, Chase, or Curtis, who people like to go out and do the heavy lifting.
(15:14:16) Billy: while Jack works from the inside.

(15:14:24) Jim: Yeah, Jack needs to be more Season One Jack.
(15:14:36) Billy: With some action, but plausibly done.
(15:14:53) Billy: As to the question of Kim's age, she was 16 in season 1
(15:15:12) Billy: and I believe that something like 14 years have passed since season 1.

(15:15:15) Jim: How about a cool limitation, like he has to walk with a cane, spinning out of his illness currently? He could hate it for a few hours but then fuck somebody up with it.
(15:15:50) Billy: He's going to have some long lasting problems from this illness
(15:15:54) Jim: No the cane is too House... but something
(15:16:16) Billy: part of me thinks that he's going to bite it and the "cure" is total macguffin.
(15:16:56) Jim: I disagree... with Tony going evil there is officially NOBODY besides Jack that can carry the show.
(15:17:14) Jim: And if tony is somehow redeemed in the next two hours and Jack dies I'm done watching the show forever.
(15:17:24) Jim: you can hold me to that.

(15:17:45) Billy: Whoa, whoa, this isn't fucking Heroes...Tony's NOT going to become a good guy again.
(15:18:01) Billy: He's not Nathan fucking Petrelli...

(15:19:43) Jim: I'm just saying... that would kill the show for me... and to avoid being a hypocrite I've given up on Heroes and finally took it off my DVR list last night so I could watch the Sox-Tribe game while 24 was recording
(15:20:08) Jim: Right after deleting the last couple episode unwatched.

(15:20:31) Billy: Well, not to go off topic but after last night's Heroes finale...I won't be coming back for season 4
(15:20:52) Jim: Heroes is over???? I thought the world seemed a little brighter!
(15:21:28) Jim: Once 24 wraps, we've got to have a wicked cool TV season wrap-up podcast

(15:21:41) Billy: Well, over for the year, over for me but sadly not OVER over...
(15:21:57) Billy: Wicked cool for our four listeners?
(15:22:07) Billy: Three of which were us...

(15:22:11) Jim: Yep! God bless them, everyone.

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