Friday, April 10, 2009

Like Meeting Old Friends...Drunken, Angry Old Friends

Rescue Me: Baptism
Season 5, Episode 1

When last we saw firefighter Tommy Gavin he was enjoying an uncharacteristically quiet baseball game with his alcoholic father. The game was quiet because Tommy's dad passed away during the game and as the camera moved away and faded to black the audience was left just as dumbfounded as Tommy. Season four was a complete wash, a boring mess that frustrated viewers.

Does the new season continue the trend? Hit the Jump to find out!

The answer is thankfully, no, at least not so far. Season five is set to be the longest season of the series so far with 22 episodes and it remains to be seen if Leary and Tolan can keep the pace up beyond this first episode, but thankfully for right now it appears that they've solved their problems.

One of the complaints garnered last season was the lack of fire sequences, consider this complaint rectified, the first episode contains not one but two fire scenes. Which is great becuase, the

In the end, it's business as usual. Tommy is a big bundle of anger, but he's still sober unlike his cousin Mickey who falls off the wagon in the episode.

All in all I have little to say about this episode, it's a big step forward compared to last season but it's not the most explosive episode. This is purely set up and I'm very interested in seeing how things shape up. Especially some of the side stories like Black Shawn and Tommy's daughter and Garrity/Mike's bar. That says nothing of Michael J. Fox's return to TV as Janet's new beau. It's a solid beginning to be sure, and after almost two years without the show, I guess that's all I can ask for for now.

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