Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 2:00A.M.-3:00A.M.
Season 7, Episode 19

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap! editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

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(22:04:15) Billy: So, did you notice that the Tony's informant was actually Executive Producer Jon Cassar?
(22:04:48) Jim: and it's all being run by Denzel Washington's assistant coach
(22:04:59) Billy: Buh?
(22:05:07) Jim: will patton
(22:05:17) Jim: from Remember the Titans/Gone in 60 Seconds
(22:05:23) Jim: and shtuff
(22:05:42) Billy: Uh, yeah, don't know him...see, I like GOOD movies...
(22:06:00) Jim: yeah, I’ll watch just about anything with sports in it once...
(22:06:06) Jim: or fifteen times
(22:06:19) Billy: You sad, sad bastard....
(22:06:26) Jim: he was in Armageddon too
(22:06:36) Billy: Moving right along!
(22:07:10) Billy: Was I the only one who got choked up upon finding out that baby Bauer was named Teri?
(22:07:26) Jim: [Jack's] so old.... they should really kill him off
(22:07:36) Jim: who wants an action show with Grandpa Jack in the lead
(22:07:39) Jim: ?
(22:08:23) Billy: Plus, Kim certainly finds her way around town...she's had more guys that 24's had presidents
(22:08:50) Jim: fyi, Will Patton was also in Entrapment and The Postman... should we be concerned that our big bad is the Olivier of crappy movies?
(22:09:02) Billy: I was kinda hoping they would throw us old timers a bone and have her guy be Chase. But, at least it wasn't C. Thomas Howell.
(22:09:16) Jim: indeed, the less Howell the better
(22:10:41) Jim: But James Badge Dale probably thinks he's too good for 24 since he got wasted in a Scorsese movie
(22:11:57) Billy: Well, I'm inclined to agree after watching the shitty acting in this episode...namely Sutherland's ill acting.
(22:12:20) Jim: he can't even flail around convincingly
(22:12:35) Billy: Plus, Tony (the character) is an awful actor, I'm surprised no one caught on to him sooner.
(22:13:03) Billy: I reckon Jack is going to get the miracle cure now so he can stop Tony....
(22:13:28) Jim: I'm just getting tired about the evidence convicting a character coming 5 minutes too late as always, just to keep the bad guys going
(22:14:12) Billy: Well, I'm just tired of 6 bad guys.
(22:14:27) Jim: I mean, this sloppy villain stuff never would have gone down back in the day of Ira Gaines
(22:14:32) Billy: I miss season one so very much.
(22:15:58) Billy: One thing I did like was the Jack/Renee stuff. I was almost waiting for Jack to go in for the kiss when she was found alive. Like "What the hell, I'm almost dead, anyway."
(22:16:03) Jim: A shame her kid wasn't in town though, Kim should have brought Teri _______ to see grandpa
(22:16:45) Jim: it’s an honest shame that they continue to hold off on the most convincing chemistry on the show in a long time
(22:17:25) Billy: I know, right, it'll happen eventually. Then next season when SPOILER ALERT
(22:17:37) Billy: CTU comes back in NYC
(22:17:50) Billy: Those crazy kids will be together.
(22:19:27) Jim: well, they deserve an honest shot... I'm damn tired of Jack not being able to be with his ladies
(22:19:56) Billy: He just needs a woman who knows how to be out in the field.
(22:20:11) Billy: Hell, she's already tortured a dude already.
(22:20:15) Jim: and doesn't murder his wife
(22:20:37) Billy: Teri Bauer used to torture people all the time, but mostly with her nagging...
(22:21:11) Jim: no just imagine if they made her a supersoldier when she had amnesia
(22:21:21) Jim: how good would that plot diversion have been then?
(22:21:45) Billy: A SO CALLED Supersoldier?
(22:22:07) Jim: John [Doggett]?
(22:22:10) Jim: Is that you?
(22:22:26) Billy: Obscure X-files references for the win!
(22:22:32) Jim: zing
(22:23:01) Billy: So, Hodges had his last bit of insanity and then death...
(22:23:22) Jim: he ain't dead yet
(22:23:36) Jim: They wouldn't have shown him going to the hospital if he was dead
(22:23:51) Jim: they can get a little more milage out of Angelina's dad
(22:24:27) Jim: seriously, it fakesd a heart attack, hasn't jack survived like 11 of those?
(22:24:41) Billy: I like how they mentioned the fact that he's certifiable; like they know how much scenery he's chewing and had to justify it.
(22:25:29) Jim: I'll take washed up semi-name actors for 100 Alex
(22:25:42) Jim: it's the 24 villain blueprint
(22:25:54) Jim: dating back to the star of Flashback, the one that wasn't Keifer
(22:27:32) Billy: Remember that year the villian was Stephen Sommers BFF and resident Mummy: Arnold Vosloo?
(22:28:41) Jim: you mean star of G.I. Joe Arnold Vosloo?
(22:30:02) Billy: Holy Hannah! He's Zartan? Jesus, it's like some sick nightmare...he's not australian.
(22:31:08) Billy: I think it's telling that we've barely talked about the episode....
(22:31:30) Jim: yeah, this has been the imdb take on 24
(22:31:46) Jim: right now, I've entered the countdown to season's end.
(22:32:06) Billy: It's not as bad as six. And it's not as bland as four.
(22:32:29) Jim: No, the Jack-Renee stuff has me keeping an eye open if nothing else
(22:32:36) Billy: And if Renee and Jack end up together then this hopeless romantic will be satisfied.
(22:33:22) Jim: damn... us and 24 have devolved into the equivalent of Hugh Grant fans... with torture
(22:33:41) Billy: ...
(22:33:47) Billy: I feel dirty now.
(22:33:57) Jim: it'll be okay, Billy.
(22:34:03) Jim: It'll be ok.

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