Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 12:00P.M.-1:00A.M.
Season 7, Episode 17

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap! editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

(22:27:52) Jim: so i figured out a way for this all to be believable - if voight actually plays the role as legitimately insane
(22:28:13) Jim: like certifiably institutionalize-level crazy
(22:28:41) Billy: That is the only way. Considering how much scenery that mofo is chewing.
(22:29:33) Jim: and his crazy requests like, hey release my mid-level flunky who one of your men WITNESSED commiting murder... if i lose him, there's only like three or four other people I can have make calls for me
(22:30:51) Billy: Oh my lord, he's making a ton of requests that NO ONE should be giving in to. Why the hell isn't the president telling this douchebag to fuck off. Drop the missile, sacrifice the people to kill this guy.
(22:31:19) Billy: If she gives in now then she'll be taking it in the ass from him forever.
(22:31:42) Jim: seriously, at this point I'm ready for him demand an office next to the president's to make all the decisions he wants indefinitely - and her to allow it
(22:32:23) Jim: what ever happened to the "we don't negotiate with terrorists" ideal? guess it went the way of ryan chappelle's brain
(22:32:39) Billy: "Corner office, nice view, big ass tv...oh and a turkey sandwich on rye with mayo. Tut tut, madam president, I've got bioweapons."
(22:33:49) Jim: seriously why not just address the nation in the morning and say he has the weapons, show the country the evidence and say he needs to turn them over? WTF could he do - use them and hope millions of people aren't demanding his blood for commiting genocide on american soil?
(22:34:38) Jim: It's not like osama could say, get the hell out of the middle east or I'll have some dude crash a plane into you and get anything
(22:35:26) Billy: Or just drop the damned missiles now! those planes were over their targets. I really doubt he could have launched those rockets before those bunker busters turned him into a pile of ash.
(22:35:56) Billy: Plus, those missiles looked hella fake, I think the president just got Photoshop fooled.
(22:36:17) Jim: I just know he'll come up with a bunch of demands that includes the one: "and nobody can know about it." I repeat - just fucking tell people and he is toothless
(22:37:04) Billy: Well, maybe crazy first daughter will redeem herself by allowing creepy reporter to run the story?
(22:38:03) Jim: would you really want aaron back if i told you beforehand it was to stand outside a hotel room while the FD boinks her way through the press corp?
(22:38:10) Jim: it's such a waste
(22:38:40) Jim: unless he's the voice of reason that convinces her to give up her evil ways
(22:38:57) Billy: Well, aside from the crazy first daughter and the wimpy president, it was an ok episode.
(22:39:28) Jim: when she showed him the video I kept thinking back to the words of Barney - "It just takes a really long time to shut down."
(22:40:02) Billy: ha ha
(22:40:19) Jim: but yeah, at least they set up the reintroduction of kim
(22:40:53) Jim: although where was the "So there is a cure! You could't have fucking mentioned it when you said I was dying and there's no cure?! WTF is wrong with you people?!"
(22:41:48) Billy: Right. And can I just say I am fairly tired of Sutherland's basic "I'm hurt/sick/being tortured" acting.
(22:42:07) Billy: Oh, forgot "being tased"
(22:42:28) Billy: He always does that eyes rolled back seizure motion.
(22:42:36) Jim: I know you can excuse it as she researched it a bit, but you really should make sure there isn't a cure that storytelling-wise there's a 99.99999% chance of working before you tell him its hopeless. freaking cockteasing death
(22:42:50) Jim: yeah, jack's hurt acting is just funny at this point
(22:43:05) Billy: It's 24. Cockteasing death is it's business.
(22:43:42) Billy: I'm just glad that they found a way to make reintroducing Kim...gasp!...useful!
(22:44:02) Jim: it's just about a first
(22:44:31) Billy: Though I am kinda sad that there is a possibility of a cure.
(22:44:40) Jim: i know, i know
(22:45:02) Billy: Not that I want Jack to die, it's just...I don't know, interesting to see Jack mortal.
(22:46:00) Jim: yeah, it's like we know we'll be back to Invincible Jack by season's end and until then we have to suffer through In Pain (Eventhough Keifer Only Has That One Annoying Face) Jack
(22:47:05) Billy: But enough with the bitching. Tony was awesome. Playing Solid Snake with the soldiers was pretty cool.
(22:47:25) Jim: Totally cool
(22:47:35) Billy: And, I actually like seeing Jack as the office work guy.
(22:47:54) Billy: Nice change of pace, harkens back to season one.
(22:47:55) Jim: excellent takedown, worthy of comparison to some of Jack's best moments and love his acting skills
(22:48:22) Jim: very nice change of pace to have someone else carry the "in the field" workload
(22:49:29) Billy: Yes. I gotta wonder though, is Chloe done for the day? I know it's still pretty far from the finale, but...
(22:49:50) Jim: I thought they might pull her in to decode the security system, but garafalo was all over that
(22:50:07) Jim: even if it cost yet another helpful person's life
(22:50:33) Billy: Which brings us back to Crazy Voight
(22:50:35) Jim: i kinda understand the perspective of the villains, look at the death rate of people that cooperate with the government
(22:50:58) Jim: he did take it to honest to god crazy with killing that guy
(22:51:23) Jim: sending him crashing into the map of the world was something out of a stallone movie
(22:51:28) Billy: I was thinking insane when he started screaming at Moss.
(22:51:30) Jim: or at least rainer wolfcastle
(22:52:35) Jim: yeah, his "I know I commiting crimes against humanity and treason. But I'm Jon FUCKING Voight!"
(22:53:06) Billy: I especially liked how the search warrant only covered one building...
(22:53:28) Jim: well in all honesty it's not like there was a search warrant
(22:53:59) Jim: there was a executive order, which 24 always uses when convenient
(22:54:03) Jim: saves us some time
(22:54:23) Billy: Damn executive loop holes.

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