Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to That's A Wrap!

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the proverbial 'netz.' You've stumbled upon catharticgrumblings.blogspot.com otherwise know to us cool kids as That's A Wrap.

That's A Wrap began it's life as small television production at Edinboro University some years back. We began with a simple object in mind: provide news, reviews and commentary on the various entertainment forms that we loved. Oftentimes those reviews were tempered with a strong acerbity, because...well, sometimes I like to complain.

As with everything, the television show came to a close (though someone at the University forgot to get the notice), but thankfully because of the internet, it's not the end.

So, get comfortable, grab yourself a taco and join me, Jim, and Garrett for all the DVD, television, comic book, film reviews, news and other assorted wackiness that we can find the time to muster up.


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