Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He's Not Just Any Kind Of Commando...

Originally written 9/1/06
This is presented here for completion.

Billy's Favorite Retro Games (Part 1 of 200)

It's got guns, bionic arms and Nazis (only in Japan); It's Bionic Commando!

And it's one of my all time favorite games. In the American version you play as Radd Spencer who is the first American Bionic Commando. Which means he has a robot arm and a nifty green jumpsuit. The world is in peril and the United States greatest hero Super Joe has gone missing (Super Joe was the hero of the much less cool Capcom game Commando), and the evil Badds are behind it. So, Radd must kick some Badds ass and stop them from reviving their leader Master-D.

Despite the heavy censorship by Nintendo of America, Bionic Commando still kicks alot of ass. So what if Hitler's name is changed to Master-D (I simply pretend that Hitler decided to join an 80s hip hop group in addition to ... you know...destroying the world and kidnapping Super Joe), and the Nazis are now Badds.

The arcade version of this game was released in 1987. While on vacation with my parents in around that time at Put-in Bay I noticed this game in a local Arcade. Nearly twenty years later I finally got a chance to play this game as part of the Capcom Classics line for the Playstation Portable...It sucked. Thankfully Capcom is finally embracing this wonderful game with the recent Xbox Live and Playstation Network remake Bionic Commando Rearmed and the soon to be released next-gen sequel.

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