Saturday, January 31, 2009

Billy's Favorite Retro Games! (Part 3 of 200)

Originally written 9/3/06

This is presented here for completion.

Today's edition is a perennial favorite among gamers. One which has been with us since the very beginning of the NES era. It's a classic for it's pick up and play quality, but that's not to say it's a great game...

So what is it? Well, it's none other than...Duck Hunt!

Yes, Duck Hunt. For many of us, it was the other game that came with Super Mario Bros. No one bought an NES for Duck Hunt. It was just...
And so we played it.

isn't exactly true in my case. I figure that playing Duck Hunt the way it was MEANT to be played would mean sitting a nice distance from the TV and actually taking the game seriously. I don't know about anyone else, but my sister and I (in a completely uncharacteristically friendly moment between us) would play this fucking game as close to the TV as possible, thereby removing all traces of challenge.

And despite the fact that the game is called Duck
fucking Hunt, I spent ninety percent of my time playing in
the Clay Shooting mode. Even though it isn't
clay pigeon shooting, I still was baffled as to why the clay discs were called pigeons. But the main reason I played the Clay Shoot (And this was, I believe, one of my finest moments as a five-year-old. It ranks just behind the time I mixed all stuff in the medicine cabinet to create a "concoction." Which I then spilled on my bedroom floor) was to shoot the pigeons just as they passed in front of the mountains.

I did this because the score for that pigeon would pop up on the side of that green mountain and my five-year-old self formulated a wondrous story about the groundskeeper at this shooting range, and how he loved to mow the score for the pigeons into the side of the mountain just for

I am totally serious here...

And that is why I love Duck Hunt.

But of course, there is something about Duck Hunt that I hate. Something that I hate and that I'm fairly certain everyone else hates too. Someone--some snickering little prick...

Yeah, you remember this little guy, right? Who could forget him? Judging, laughing, watching...thanks to you I have a crippling anxiety disorder. Screw you, dog!

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