Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 5:00A.M.-4:00A.M.
Season 7, Episode 22

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap! editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

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(22:07:01) Jim: so we're back to ripping off episode 2 of season 1
(22:07:09) Billy: I swear to CHRIST...if what happened at the end of this episode had happened six hours earlier I would be fucking DONE
(22:07:29) Billy: They are lucky by virtue of the fact that there is just the finale left.
(22:07:45) Jim: I like that Kim was at least smart enough to notice herself being followed
(22:07:50) Jim: the 2-hour finale
(22:08:08) Billy: Right, except I knew the couple was evil...why couldn't Kim?
(22:08:31) Jim: just out of curiosity, what would they have had to have done to make you not watch the finale?
(22:08:45) Jim: is it even possible?
(22:08:58) Billy: At this point?
(22:09:11) Billy: There is little incentive for me NOT to watch
(22:09:17) Jim: I mean once upon a time I might say snuff Jack... but now that would probably just get me way more into the show.
(22:09:40) Billy: I'm just...tired...
(22:09:56) Billy: It's all the same shit over and over and over again
(22:10:15) Billy: Patsy terrorist playing season 1 rogue Jack
(22:10:18) Jim: yeah, at this point unless the previews specifically mentioned the finale would include 2girls1cup I'd tune in… have to finish it at this point.
(22:10:43) Billy: Jack shoving virus inside an enclosure, just like the fridge in 3.
(22:11:11) Billy: Hell, if the previews mentioned 2girls1cup I
(22:11:20) Billy: I'd HAVE to watch!
(22:11:36) Billy: Just to see how THAT fit in to the plot
(22:11:50) Jim: About as unnaturally as everything else???
(22:12:22) Billy: Zing!
(22:12:45) Jim: Hi-O!
(22:13:10) Billy: BTW, am I the only one who see's Aaron going down in flames?
(22:13:54) Jim: all the White House stuff has been painful for a few hours now... and it ain't getting any better
(22:14:41) Billy: Nope, not by a long shot. At least Aaron knows his shit...
(22:14:59) Billy: Plus references to Mike Novick are always appreciated
(22:15:15) Jim: But he'll be the writer’s sacrificial lamb to excuse saving Jack
(22:15:31) Jim: Tony will probably turn back to the good guys and die saving Jack-O
(22:16:32) Billy: I REALLY doubt that
(22:17:14) Billy: The look on Tony's face at the end implied that he knew Jack was going to fuck things up AGAIN....for, like, the dozen-th time!
(22:18:41) Billy: It's so goddamn infuriating. My God...Brannon Braga! You killed Trek, practically handing it on a silver platter to WORSE writers!
(22:18:47) Billy: And now 24....
(22:19:16) Billy: Oh my God, I just had a terrible vision of the future....where Orci and Kurtzman reboot 24
(22:19:44) Billy: with Hayley Joel Osment playing a hipper, younger Jack Bauer
(22:19:45) Jim: It's bad... but maybe just "ugh bad", not "fuck this shit"
(22:20:09) Billy: and Bauer gets sick with a virus that makes his hands huge!
(22:22:41) Jim: as long as his tongue doesn't swell up
(22:23:27) Billy: Goddamn...I hate you jimmy...
(22:23:40) Billy: Says I in my best Cartman voice.
(22:24:10) Jim: well that's how I address Nick... so you're just stealing my stolen material there...
(22:24:13) Jim: double-thief
(22:24:46) Billy: Screw you, fool, I was watching South Park way before you happened upon it's rotted carcass
(22:25:10) Jim: I watched it back when it was first on... I don't know anybody who could go through college back then and avoid it
(22:25:23) Billy: Oh Jesus, look at us going off-topic. We need Garrett here too!
(22:25:41) Jim: but back on topic... the first half hour of this episode of 24 was action24-super-ninja-cool and the second half was...
(22:25:43) Jim: not so much
(22:26:55) Billy: I agree. The Chloe-Janice throwdown we've been expecting since like episode four is beginning to brew. And is VERY entertaining.
(22:28:15) Jim: yep, those two crazy kids are finally throwing down.... and Janice holds her own
(22:28:26) Jim: much more enjoyable when not making crappy 1984 jokes
(22:29:12) Billy: Oh yes, still don't want her around next year.
(22:29:30) Jim: nope... one Chloe is plenty enough
(22:29:53) Billy: Renee totally hugged Jack...the Jack-Renee shipper in me is elated.
(22:30:18) Jim: I was praying for a little kiss or something there, but....
(22:30:26) Billy: JaNee? Reack? You can't really Filliam H. Muffman those names....
(22:30:32) Jim: okay I'm going to stop talking like a 15-year-old girl at this point
(22:30:38) Jim: we both should
(22:31:57) Billy: Fuck that noise! Their "relationship" is the ONLY...and I mean ONLY, thing keeping me invested in this show right now!
(22:33:16) Jim: yeah, I suppose you're right... sad and pathetic (us both), but right
(22:33:38) Jim: I can at least say, "See what 24 has driven me to?!?"
(22:34:02) Billy: I'm ok with admitting it.
(22:34:05) Jim: And I vote for Jacnee
(22:34:26) Billy: We're in the era of hope! We have a black president!
(22:34:41) Jim: or Walkauer
(22:34:57) Billy: Sound like a German car...
(22:35:10) Billy: that could totally torture the fuck out of you!!!

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