Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Killin' Time With 24

24: 4:00A.M.-5:00A.M.
Season 7, Episode 21

Welcome to "Killin' Time With 24." A weekly morning-after 24 discussion hosted by your faithful That's A Wrap! editors, Billy and Jim.

Every Tuesday morning we get together to discuss the previous evening's episode of 24. What we liked, disliked and where we would like to see the series go while avoiding any real work. It's like a virtual coffee break.

Sit back and let us do the complaining for you.

(22:09:49) Jim: so... have you ever set up an assassination outside FBI headquarters in 13 minutes at 4 in the morning?
(22:10:09) Billy: So, how does 24 go from complete shit to mildly interesting to awfully boring over the course of like three episodes
(22:10:22) Jim: mad skillz
(22:10:41) Billy: Cause, speedy assassination aside...this was a yawner.
(22:11:06) Jim: honestly i zoned out two or three times this week... but I thought it might just have been the Celtics second round game or the sox-yanks that I was following online
(22:11:16) Jim: glad to know it wasn't just me
(22:11:35) Jim: I'd like to think 24 at its best... or its adequate even... would still command my attention
(22:12:35) Billy: Well, ninety percent of the episode was watching terrorist edit a video
(22:13:28) Jim: the police stop was so uneventful... if you're trying to kill time, couldn't you have tony kill them?
(22:13:34) Billy: BTW, have you noticed that all the good guys use Macs and the bad guys use PCs? Total flip from the early years where you could pinpoint moles by their choice of Apple products.
(22:13:40) Jim: instead they stop by ask if everything is fine, get a yes and leave...
(22:13:50) Jim: that's five minutes of life I'll never get back
(22:14:38) Jim: for the Mac/PC war, obviously 24 didn't want to be predictable, so pulled a complete 180 and now are perfectly predictable the other way around
(22:15:05) Billy: Right
(22:15:35) Billy: So, am I the only one wondering when the hell they are going to give Jack the cure...
(22:15:45) Billy: Times a wastin'
(22:15:47) Jim: I bet the last hour
(22:15:55) Jim: after the terrorist plot is resolved
(22:15:57) Jim: to fill time
(22:17:10) Billy: Leaving us hanging till next season to see what Jack's fate is...predictable.
(22:17:49) Billy: Oh, by the way, the president's daughter is on CSI Miami right now...I'm pretty sure she's the killer.
(22:18:05) Billy: Goddamn, I hate CSI...
(22:18:08) Jim: even though it will be blatantly obvious since everyone will know if sutherland is returning before the premiere airs
(22:18:49) Billy: Exactly.
(22:20:00) Billy: So, I don't watch the teasers, but caught the ass end of one while skipping ads during House...I'm pretty sure the announcer said something about this episode having one of the biggest 24 twists ever. Uh...?
(22:20:36) Jim: there wasn't even a bad twist this week
(22:20:40) Jim: there was no twist
(22:20:46) Jim: unless i missed something
(22:21:25) Billy: None. Maybe it was a zen thing, like the lack of twist coupled with the twist hyperbole equaled a twist.
(22:21:44) Jim: a meta-twist
(22:23:36) Billy: We've clearly put more thought into explaining their unearned hype than they have!
(22:24:06) Billy: Ugh, when is this season over? And is it Wednesday yet?
(22:24:13) Jim: well, it's the duty of any good 24 apologist
(22:24:26) Billy: Cause I needs some Lost...24 ain't cutting it this year...
(22:25:08) Jim: It's better than last year... but too many hours that do nothing to advance the main plot and the filler EXPLOSIONS and Excitement... just aren't
(22:26:23) Billy: Agreed, it's light years ahead of last year, I'd say right now it's shaping up to be on par with Season Four...though the senseless Tony twist might kick it down below four for me.
(22:26:41) Jim: unless Jack kills him in some awesome way
(22:26:50) Jim: that could redeem it to a degree for me
(22:27:34) Billy: Nope. Not me.
(22:27:53) Billy: Tony was in PRISON for saving the woman he loved...and didn't turn to crime...
(22:28:12) Billy: But a TERRORIST kills his lady and he decides to become one himself?
(22:28:17) Billy: Nuh-uh.
(22:28:23) Jim: but her getting cooked like a KFC chicken apparently was enough to push him over
(22:29:09) Billy: Kentucky Grilled Chicken?
(22:30:21) Billy: Mmmm....
(22:30:24) Jim: TFM - Terrorist Fried Michelle
(22:30:32) Billy: Ha ha.
(22:31:03) Billy: Well, regardless, I don't buy his turn, and as such I don't buy the entire conceit of the season. The writers have failed.
(22:31:23) Billy: Ironically, had they done this twist in four I could have bought it.
(22:31:37) Jim: they failed on that... but overall they just took a step toward watchable from the TAINT that was last season
(22:32:30) Billy: Bluetooth Bauer reveal aside, last season is something I would like to completely ignore.
(22:32:56) Jim: well in that spirit....
(22:32:59) Jim: ignore what?????
(22:33:52) Billy: Was there a season six? one, two, three, four, five, seven? Am I missing something?
(22:34:03) Jim: this season in the end looks serviceable, but unimpressive
(22:34:27) Jim: i don't see this show surprising me in the last couple hours after seven...er... six years
(22:35:11) Billy: It's seen better days. But now I'm sounding like 24, repeating everything.
(22:36:13) Jim: I know... like I said, the days of 24 wow-ing us hour after hour are long gone
(22:36:58) Jim: the change of setting has helped... but I think changing out a few more writers would helped even more. Like the ones they have are just about out of ideas.
(22:37:05) Billy: I remember calling my wife after work on Mondays and just asking if the episode ended with a big twist.
(22:37:41) Jim: So we have more and more episodes like tonight. Where nothing happens that grabs your attention, just getting pieces in place for a future plot development.
(22:38:15) Jim: we used to have three, maybe four of those a year. Now I feel like we have ten.
(22:39:39) Billy: Well, at least it's watchable unlike Heroes.

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