Monday, September 14, 2009

The Good, The Bland, And The Ugly

Back by popular absolutely no-one's demand, it's the That's a Wrap! Podcast! This week we take a look back at the summer movie season to find out which movies we loved and which ones we wish would fall into a well and die. We also get a chance to preview the fall television slate to discuss what we're going to be watching this season.

I'm not going to lie, this week's Cast is NSFH. What is NSFH? Well, you've heard of NSFW, not safe for work, NSFH is not safe for humanity. We, uh, we might have gone a bit overboard with the swearing. Seriously folks, if you think this week's podcast is bad--just imagine the stuff we cut.

Marvel: as Billy gets his hate on Up.

Behold: as Garrett talks about a movie he's never seen(try to guess which one!).

Astonish: as Jim becomes the angriest G.I. Joe fan ever.

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Garrett said...

Goddammit, I am sorry for my mic sounding like a nickleback song half the time in the podcast. If you, the listener, already realize we record using skype. Please know we will fix the problem and I will not sound like crap again.

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